Canada Day We can be proud Quebecers and proud Canadians

Anglo-sceptics deny

We know the climate skeptics who refuse to recognize that the planet’s survival is under threat. I present to you the Anglo-sceptics who refuse to recognize that the very survival of the French is threatened.

Climate skeptics question global warming. Anglo-sceptics question the linguistic replacement of French by English.

Both deny.

White nationalist neurotics?

Every time I write chronicles of the meteoric rise of English, the Anglos call me a nuisance.

Multi-millionaire Mitch Garber has again lashed out at me for daring to complain about a Canada that despises French. And Anne-Marie Withenshaw liked a monolingual English publication “to piss off Sophie Durocher”, in other words, just to make me “sweat”.

Bilingual Anglos denying the danger posed by French is one thing, but when they’re Francophones, it makes me sweat.

A francophone, Philippe C., wrote me a long email entitled “Revenez-en! “.

“And here are our constant whiners who complain over and over again about French in Quebec. First, French is “not the only official language here” because “it’s Canada here, and Canada has two official languages.” Just because your neurotic white nationalist community says otherwise doesn’t make a difference.

“Then Montreal is bilingual. Actually more than that: multilingual with Chinese, Spanish, Arabic etc. If that confuses you, you can always go to the depths of Quebec where you only hear French. French massacred again in Quebec. you are dinosaurs The problem is that they are dangerous dinosaurs. The ones who want their kids to be as stupid as they are. It’s scary. People speak the languages ​​they want. LAST POINT. And it’s not the little white and French-speaking despots who are going to change that.

If you wish, you can live only in French. But don’t bother us with your “defense of French”. This is 2023. Not 1960.”

Welcome to Englishfest!

I regularly talk to you about English companies who don’t care about French. But what about the Francos naming their event “in English”?

As Gilles Proulx reminded us, the Gibelotte Festival in Sorel-Tracy is now called the Gib Fest.

I have written to the organizers asking for details. “The Gib Fest name was adopted in November 2017 by the CA of the Gib Group, the festival’s founder, and the city of Sorel-Tracy. The process was very simple; revitalize a historic festival name without completely falsifying it. Since gibelotte is no longer a dish in the region almost outside of the festival, it was less than optimal to keep this word.

“So Gib is the diminutive of our beloved and historic Gibelotte and Fest stands for Sorel Tracy Summer Festival!

The beauty of the French language lies in its complexity! “The gib is big” is a palindrome, our favorite speech!

want a good one Yesterday, Sunday 23 July, Dolbeau hosted the Dol-Boat River Fest.

I imagine we’re lucky that the FÉQ isn’t called “QuebSummerFest”.

Les eaux seront plus agitees pour le Canadien lan prochain