Angelina Jolie her long coat is the winter trend 2023

Angelina Jolie, her long coat is the winter trend 2023 Elle

There are those who love it so much that they make it the banner of their own style – see Coco Chanel – and those who prefer rich and bold colors like shocking pink – see Schiaparelli – the fact is that the Black it always remains the most elegant and refined of all colors. Among the habits of the raven color is she, Angelina Jolie who once again chooses black long coatchic and practical even for the long flights to which the actress is accustomed.

Technically, the raven shade cannot be defined as a color since it is about the total absence of light, but this does not mean that the trends ofFall Winter 2022 2023 Choose it (yet) a must-have that we cannot do without, even more so if it does without jackets and outerwear of all kinds. That long coat by Brad Pitt’s ex-wife is the model that best suits winter temperatures because it is enveloping and almost as warm as a duvet, but unlike the latter it is much more chic and elegant.

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As for the nuance, you’ll have to change your mind because the Black it’s far from boring and trivial as it allows you to indulge in special and bright details without being too flashy, so go for gold buttons, jewelry pins and metal inserts. The American actress, who we will soon see back in cinemas in the role of Maria Callas, directed by Pablo Larraìn, combines the long coat with an equally dark outfit and the only touch of color is the white shirt that peeks out from the obviously black sweater.

How to Match Angelina Jolie’s Black Coat This Winter

The actress and director often chooses neutral nuances and timeless garments so that her style is always sophisticated and chic for every occasion. Even at the airport where she was spotted, she doesn’t give up her class by opting for a really elegant all-black coatWinter 2023 is carried with Houndstooth pants, black sweater and patent leather lace-up shoes for a casual and trendy outfit. The long coat is also perfect in the mountains to create really chic après-ski looks, e.g. B. to lightweight velvet pants, turtlenecks, lace-up boots and the inevitable Muppet hatthe trendy fleece hat this winter.