Angelica Riveras face splits social networks Flattery and ridicule rain

Angélica Rivera’s face splits social networks; Flattery and ridicule rain down on him! TV Notes

  • Angélica Rivera disappeared from the media 9 years ago.
  • He was recently spotted at a nightclub with his daughters.

After her divorce from Enrique Peña Nieto 9 years ago, Angélica Rivera chose to stay away from the limelight, so her few appearances are a revelation and that despite the years she has remained very pretty and even some netizens say that she is prettier than before .

She’s kept her life as private as possible, even her social networks are private, so the few photos and/or videos circulating on the network are thanks to people tagging them, as her daughter did a few ago days she recently dated. saw from the

But not only these stories caused a stir in the networks, but also the latest publication of the famous make-up artist Vico Guadarrama, which the actress made up on New Year’s Eve, she said, made her happy:

“How nice to start the year with your energy. A year is coming to an end, but we have another chance to build a better story. Let’s vibrate in the energy of love,” the makeup artist wrote.

The photo immediately caused endless comments and it is that Angélica has beautiful skin that makes her look a few years younger, some users even pointed out that it was Sofía Castro who was also tagged in the photo:

“Obviously it’s not Angélica, it’s her daughter Sofía. Otherwise, what a good editing job, it doesn’t look like it at all,” said the user.

Angélica Rivera Hurtado is a Mexican actress, she was the wife of former Mexican President Enrique Peña Nieto.

Additionally, more people commented on how unrecognizable it looks: ‘It’s okay to look younger but seeing yourself as a teenager is great’, ‘Unrecognizable what money does, it’s better that you change your name’, ‘Verdeeee what an impression your surgery is’ , “As if it went through filters”, “You ran away like 15 years”, “They look deformed by so many filters”.

They didn’t even miss what they asked to learn the surgeon’s name: “Have the plastic surgeon say it was because this person did a good job”, “The surgeon is coming in”, “I need this surgeon”, “The operation worked magic”.

She served as national president of the Citizen Advisory Council of the National System for the Integral Development of the Family.

Of course, Angélica did not remain silent, commenting on how much she loved her surgery: “LY My surgeon haaaaaa.” To which Víctor replied on how much he missed her: “I love her uncontrollably, I missed our conversations, decrees and our laughter with Sofía and Fernanda.”

Rivera was born on August 2, 1969.

However, many pointed out how pretty she still is and how thrilled they are with her new look.

“Wow! The most beautiful. What a beauty, God bless you”, “More beautiful than ever”, “Your makeup was great, you took years off it”, “The seagull does not change, how beautiful”, “What an amazing face and great hair of the lady”, “You look like your daughters sister, beautiful”, “The most beautiful former first lady”, “You are quite a show”, “She looks more beautiful than ever”, they commented .