Angelica poses with her daughter on a luxurious trip on her yacht  Baby Mom

Angelica poses with her daughter on a luxurious trip on her yacht Baby Mom

Angelica and her daughter pose together on a boat trip

the lecturer angelica delighted to open the family album and share beautiful moments with her youngest daughter during a pleasant boat ride. The famous has been married to the presenter for 18 years Luciano Huck. Together they are the proud parents of three heirs. The eldest son, Joaquim, is 17 years old.

The presenter even recalled this in a recent interview with the podcast “Quem pode, pod”. Giovanna Ewbank and Fernanda Paes Lemethat she was pregnant with her firstborn at the age of 4 months at the ceremony. Corresponding angelicathat she didn’t drink alcohol and that she had a dressing room so she could nap and rest while the party went on.

After a few years, the middle son, Benício, who is now 14 years old, came along. With the arrival of the only girl, the family was complete. Eva is 9 years old. The girl has burst into the limelight by beginning to show interest in an artistic career, as have her parents. Still in the interview with Giovanna and Fernanda, Angélica said: “We held it for a while, she appears, she likes it, she says she wants to be an actress on Broadway, she wants to act, sing and dance, we joke that I gave birth to one.” Claudia Rai“.

With the youngest, the presenter made a beautiful photo sequence during a ride on a luxurious boat. Mother and daughter posed in the evening light. There is no lack of love in the pictures, the two hold hands and exchange kisses.

the followers of angelica soon sent dozens of messages praising the famous. “How wonderful,” declared one netizen. “Just perfect,” said another fan. The photos even caught the attention of famous relatives and friends. The presenter’s sister, entrepreneur Márcia Marbá, said: “Stop being beautiful and come back soon”. Actor and comedian Tom Cavalcante was also full of praise: “Photo and image shows”.

Angelica poses with her daughter at dusk

Reproduction Instagram Angelica and her daughter Eva pose together enjoying the sunset on the family yacht

Angelica and Eva pose on a family yacht tour

Reproduction Instagram Angelica and Eva enjoy a ride on the family yacht

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