Angela Aguilar will act with the full weight of the

Ángela Aguilar will act with the full weight of the law after releasing alleged intimate photos El Universal

After a few weeks ago, the singer was the victim of multiple digital montages in which she allegedly appeared naked in some photos Angela Aguilar He spoke about it and announced that he would do everything in his power to seek justice, for which he has already taken legal action.

“They didn’t respect me and so I will act with the full weight of the law, my aunt is my attorney so introduce yourself,” he told media during the launch of his new perfume line.

He explained that he doesn’t know how these photos and videos were leaked, but he pointed out that the most important thing is respect for other people; She feels responsible for being a public figure with millions of followers and people who love her, support her and look for things from her.

“Regardless of your gender, who you like, how you choose to perceive yourself, respecting the rights of others is peace. I think I live in privilege, I’m lucky to have a family that adores me, that loves me, that cares about me, that has friends that support me, my fans that listen to me, that wish me well send and energy”.

Pointing to the subject of the photos, she pointed out that she had to use the more than 20 million people who follow her to raise awareness because she hadn’t even considered that this situation was happening to her .

“I realize that (this problem) has to end, it has to end. I sing rancheras and the lawyers are responsible for doing what the lawyers do, so I can rest easy knowing it’s out of my hands.”

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Is Angela Aguilar in love?

The daughter of Pepe Aguilar She said very clearly that she is single but never alone, although she would love to have a boyfriend, especially on this kind of Valentine’s Day, she mentioned the qualities her suitors should have.

“I would love to have a young handsome quaint boyfriend but unfortunately I don’t have one but I’m very honest when I date someone if I feel like undressing them I will do it out but happily single at the moment .

under the 14th of February Ángela commented that she is open to proposals for a relationship because she loves to love.

“What will they give me to conquer me? Well, I’m in Mexico, there are many flower shops there, I like white roses. I give my heart to only one person and that’s me, I won’t let a bad experience affect my future, I love passionately, I want with all my heart, love and heartbreak fascinates me, I love expressing feelings, that is why I am a singer”.

When asked if she felt unavailable or if suitors were scared of her father-in-law (Pepe Aguilar), she replied that even she was scared of her father: “It’s cool that they’re a little scared of me, isn’t it You think?”

Pepe Aguilar office.

During this meeting with the press, he also expressed his support Yuridia who, according to the opinions in the program “Ventaneando”, was in the public eye about his physical appearance.

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“I love Yuridia with all my heart, we released ‘Qué Agony’ which is one of the best selling songs in Mexico, (she) teaches us that women are pretty powerful when we get together and that I think, ‘I don’t have much seen, but: Respect for the rights of others is peace and we all need respect”.

The altruistic facet of Ángela Aguilar

After launching a few dolls, Ángela Aguilar is now back on the road to entrepreneurship by launching a line of perfumes, a large portion of which goes to the Gilberto AC Association which helps with housing, education and those affected natural disasters.

“Ever since I was little, flavors have been very important because I often associate smells with memories. When I arrive at my grandparents’ ranch may they rest in peace, I know it smells like guava because they had a lot of guava trees or when I When I go into the kitchen, it will smell like noodle soup, when I’ve gone on a trip, maybe to the beach, this smell reminds me of the sea, of the breeze”.

Before he sings on any show, he says he’ll run out of half a bottle if anyone approaches him, so he considers them an everyday accessory.

He reported that the entire perfume line was thought of his grandmother wild flower “Because it’s in my blood, I can’t help but think about it, I grew up with it and lived with it, the red (perfumes) are pure wildflowers, I always have a little bit of my grandmother with me.”

He confessed that these perfumes would be launched later, but he spoke to various people to get their opinions on this business idea.

“I didn’t even show them what they smelled like or what they looked like and they told me I’d better release another song and another album, that I’d devote myself to selling records and I got angry and that’s why we are you here.”

During the presentation event, personalities such as Guadalupe Pineda, Kunno, his brother and father Leonardo and Pepe Aguilar, Yuri, José Luis Roma, among others, attended.