Ángela Aguilar wears a denim sweater with a Chanel belt    El Universal

Ángela Aguilar wears a denim sweater with a Chanel belt El Universal

Angela Aguilar always surprises his fans, be it with good news about his musical projects or with his good taste in music. Fashion. And once again, the singer showed her chic side with one Denim sweater which he combined with a luxurious signature belt channel.

That Denim outfits are among the favourites Angela Aguilar. And also by those who know how to look perfect because through a video in their stories Instagram He showed that it is not necessary to wear an outfit with many pieces, but to know how to combine them.

We saw it with Britney Spears in the 2000s and now with other celebrities joining the trend of turning the tide denim in the centre outfits. And what better style could one wear than jeans, one of the most representative Angela Aguilar.

Photo: Instagram @angela_aguilar_

Ángela Aguilar’s jumpsuit for a total denim look

Angela Aguilar made it clear how to wear a overalls denim this summer. And so that you also learn how to elevate these types of pieces, at De Última we show you how she styled it with her Chanel belt.

In recent seasons, especially in autumn – winter 2021, the denim It became the protagonist of many collections. From jeans to jackets, boots, jumpsuits and tops, this fabric gained strength because of the ease with which it can be mixed and matched.

The youngest of the dynasty Aguilar models his Denim sweater for his more than 8.7 million followers. This garment also known as overalls or jumpsuit, is characterized by its one-piece design and has become the new basic for every woman.

Like any other piece of clothing, the jumpsuit has evolved over the years to suit all styles and tastes. Therefore, you can find them on the market in different cuts, including wide leg, tubed or straight.

Photo: Instagram @angela_aguilar_

However, the style of overalls from Angela Aguilar It is bell-shaped or “flared”, characterized by the lower part being wider than the waist. However, what adds comfort to them is that you don’t have to think about what to wear over them since it’s a whole garment denim from head to toe.

And the most important thing: the jumpsuit lengthens the figure, regardless of whether it is plain, printed or striped. As a tip, it is better to choose the kind denim that’s lightweight and steamy to keep you comfortable all day long.

If you like being up to date, be sure to try a Total see from denim. No matter how much time passes, a jumper It’s a timeless piece that will give you confidence. And you might think that wearing your entire outfit in a single finish is very risky, fortunately in the Fashion everything goes.

Photo: Instagram @angela_aguilar_

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Ángela Aguilar shows how she can accentuate the waist with her Chanel belt

The “I love you for me” performer wore her fitted jumpsuit with brown platform shoes. But which undoubtedly gave his a different touch outfitswas that Chanel belt black with the French company’s monogram buckle.

If there’s one thing you’re sure to have in your closet, it’s a Belt and regardless of the brand, these types of accessories can turn anyone see casual in a striking outfit. And just like the name suggests, it frames the waist to add a special effect to your silhouette.

Photo: Instagram @angela_aguilar_

When we think of accessories, we distract from the power of one Belt and we focus on bracelets, bags, necklaces and rings. Nevertheless, Angela Aguilar It’s a testament to the importance of including a belt for your day or night dress.

Now that you know how to style a jumper without breaking your head, it’s time to transform a outfits Single into an Impact One, just like he did Angela Aguilar.

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