Ángela Aguilar spins the net in a tight yellow dress and a wasp waist

Ángela Aguilar spins the net in a tight yellow dress and a wasp waist

true to his habit, angela Aguilar She once again showed off a dress totally her style that made her look like a princess who wanted to draw attention at all costs; She wore a tight canary yellow dress that adorned her figure and was adorned with flowers at shoulder level, the same one she wore to the Premios Juventud 2022.

It was through her Instagram Stories that the youngest of the Aguilar dynasty He showed his strange outfit to his more than 8.5 million followers. It should be noted that, like the other people, she took the snap herself in front of the mirror, which appears to be from a bathroom.

Angela Aguilar He didn’t wait for his phone to charge, instead recording it while connected to capture the moment and posting immediately to see the reactions of his loyal audience. It should be noted that this type of clothing is very much in the style of the performer “The Llorona”Well, there is no one else who goes on stage to interpret Mexican regionality in this way.

Outfit worn by Ángela Aguilar at the Premios Juventud (Photo: Screenshot)

Ángel Aguilar and her stunning dresses

Anyone who had a chance to see the performance of angela Aguilar At some events you will find that she not only puts on a quality show with professional musicians but also offers the best of herself with the color of her voice and, to top it off, herself outfits for its elegance and haute couture.

The last of the models to leave everyone with a square eye was a blue one, which she may have used for the music video for “She Dressed Up,” which has yet to be released. However, the outfit is worthy of a princess and of course the flowers could not be missing, which in this case have an impressive crimson color.

Ángela Aguilar lucio as Princess (Photo: Instagram @angela_aguilar_)

within the Our awards this year, angela Aguilar He appeared with a model that was just as long and tall, but in a light salmon color that didn’t go unnoticed by the monarch butterflies that adorned it on the stomach area. When she arrived she looked like a fifteen-year-old accompanied by her chamberlains.

Ángela Aguilar at the Lo Nuestro Awards (Photo: Instagram @

Another of the dresses that prompted the public to surrender at their feet angela Aguilar It was the one she used in New York, USA at the Beacon Theater as part of her “Mexicana Enamorada” tour. This design is characterized by its many colors.

Ángela Aguilar from Mexicana Enamorada (Photo: Instagram @mr_nieto_)


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