1674352950 Anel Norena believes it was her daughter Marysol who started

Anel Noreña believes it was her daughter Marysol who started the rumor that she was hiding her sister’s death

Anel Noreña / Agencia Mexico

Anel Noreña / Agency Mexico

Anel Noreña has been placed at the center of controversy after the program De Primera Mano accused her of allegedly hiding the death of her sister Gabriela, who had moved to Mexico City to live with her.

After rumors that she failed to report her sister’s death in order to allegedly collect the pension Gaby received from the United States government, José’s ex-wife assured José that she was only trying while she was in the care of her Blood relatives were there to support her with any comforts possible, and in an interview with journalist Maxine Woodside, she admitted that her daughter Marysol has not yet contacted her to offer her condolences.

Marysol Sosa / Agencia Mexico

Agency Marysol Sosa / Mexico

“Mary didn’t call me at all, I don’t know because I’m going to say something I don’t know, but who spoke to that man (Gustavo Adolfo Infante)? Who told the nameless man? ” Noreña said of how the owner of the Imagen Televisión program found out about the news.

And he added: “What I can tell you is that Laurita, Patricio’s wife, Marcela’s son, Marysol, who never speaks to him, says she called him to say I think Merry Christmas, but when Laurita answered, Laurita told him ‘Oh I’m so sorry about Gaby’, and Marysol, what about Gaby?, what?, how?'”.

The relationship between Anel Noreña and her daughter Mayrsol Sosa has been affected since the Covid-19 pandemic because the Prince of Song’s daughter did not want her children to live with people who have not been vaccinated against this disease, including his brother José Joél and his own mother.

Marysol Sosa with José Joel Sosa and Anel / Agencia México

Marysol Sosa with José Joel Sosa and Anel / Agencia México

Despite the fact that Anel finally agreed to receive the injection in order to prevent the virus from complication, the differences between the Sosa Noreña family were not resolved, which is why some speculation arose, suggesting that the strongest conflicts between them stem from the José, which is now fully owned by the former model, even publicly warned her daughter that if she wanted to use the singer’s name in a project, she would have to pay her the relevant rights.