Andy Vázquez Helps Cuban Man Who Was Asleep at Miami Airport: He Needs a Job

Andy Vázquez Helps Cuban Man Who Was Asleep at Miami Airport: He Needs a Job

CubitaNOW Writing ~ Tuesday, January 17, 2023

Cuban comedian Andy Vázquez helps a Cuban who slept six nights at Miami International Airport.

In a video on his social networks, Vázquez said the young man contacted him and asked for help.

“I have no money, I have no job, I have no family, I have nothing in the United States,” the young man explained.

Andy bought her a blanket, brought her food and cough medicine. He also gave him over a hundred dollars he had raised to help him.

The next day he rented her a hotel for three days to see if she could rest and look for a job.

“He’s not asking for money, he needs our help to find a place to sleep and a job that will allow him to pay the bills.

“He’s a person who has no friends in Miami and needs to start working,” he added.

In the midst of directness, the comedian couldn’t hold back tears of emotion. “He is a person who needs help. I ask the Cuban community to come together to find something for this person.

Andy made it clear that he didn’t want anyone to tell him what a good heart you have: “I’m not doing this for myself, I’m doing it for someone who really needs it.”

“Of all of us, maybe we can raise money to finance a course of study for at least a month. He’s a Cuban who needs help,” he repeated.

The only thing he has is his identity card, because his passport was confiscated at the border after traveling through 16 countries.

Vázquez shared the cell phone (7866976201) with anyone who can help.

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