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Android 14: The list of new features coming at the end of the year – Frandroid

Android 14 enters a new phase: this is not the official release, but that of the QPR1 beta, the first major update of the operating system. An illogicality that is currently only available on Pixel smartphones and brings us a step closer to Android 14.

Android 14 The list of new features coming at theGoogle Pixel 7 Pro // Source: Chloé Pertuis – Frandroid

It’s incomprehensible. While the release of Android 14 could be scheduled for the next Google conference on October 4th, the first Android 14 update will be released in beta on Pixel smartphones.

The first Android 14 update arrives in beta… before Android 14 is released

Android 14 QPR1 will be the first major update to Android 14: it is scheduled to be released next December. This is a “quarterly platform release”, a quarterly update. These updates benefit from beta versions before their official deployment: this ensures that the number of bugs is minimal and they are stable.

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Google has therefore provided the beta version of Android 14 QPR1 while Android 14 has not yet been released. An unprecedented change in the calendar for which no one has yet an explanation. Nine Google products are currently compatible:

New features with Android 14 QPR1

The first change concerns approval for smartphone manufacturers. In their interfaces, they can allow users to change the display ratio of applications. The main goal is to enable better display of applications on large screens, such as the internal screens of foldable smartphones (book-sized) or those of touchscreen tablets. It is enough to display the applications in two areas: in an email client this can be a column with the emails and another with a selected email that is displayed.

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Other new functions are also present: one of them allows you to decide on which screen this or that application should be displayed on foldable smartphones like the Pixel Fold. Users are also entitled to a charge cycle counter on the smartphone to monitor the life of its battery. Google has also added a “Repair” mode that allows you to protect your data when your smartphone is being repaired.