Android 14 improves video recording on your screen heres how

Android 14 improves video recording on your screen, here’s how – Phonandroid

With the upcoming Android 14 version, Google is taking steps to improve data protection in Android. This includes improving the screen recording feature, which when shared can potentially reveal sensitive information.

On your Android smartphone you already have the option to record your screen, either as a simple capture or as a video. However, sometimes it happens This last option is not very secure if you are navigating between your applications and sensitive data is being displayedas with incoming notifications.

Google introduces Android 14 Recording features per application, providing users with a more convenient and confidential experience. Users have the option to record the entire screen, which is currently the default, or record a single application.

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Android 14 improves the security of your screen recording

Selecting the option to save only one app allows users to choose from the three most recent apps. They can access other recent apps by swiping left or right in the carousel. A full list is available by swiping up to expand the floating map.

Once the application is selected, recording will begin after the default countdown. Note that interruption notifications and the status bar are excluded from the final recording. This means that private conversations, File uploads or other potentially sensitive information are not visible to screen recording recipientsalso in the status bar, even if the alerts remain visible to the device owner.

Android 14’s improved screen recording feature reduces the need for re-recording and post-recording edits. This quality of life improvement is likely to be welcomed by many users. Although it is not confirmed that this feature will be available in the final version of Android 14, its introduction in the Android source code suggests that it will be among the major additions of the next version. Google also discussed the feature at its Google I/O conference. So everything indicates that Android 14 should be the first version to support this feature.