Andres Hurtado The drivers producer experienced an awkward moment live

Andrés Hurtado’s producer experienced an awkward moment in the air after excessive complaints from the driver

Andrés Hurtado was surprised by his birthday during his last program, but he wasn’t happy with what the staff had prepared. “That’s disrespectful,” he commented.

It was not to be expected. Andres Hurtado celebrated another year of life with his usual work team. Regarding the important celebration, the production of “Saturday with Andrés” gave him a pleasant surprise, without suspecting that the well-known presenter would not take it well. A small cake and little decoration was what made the popular “Chibolín” call the detail they had with him “ridiculous”. So he later complained to his producer about it.

Though he initially thanked her for the small gesture, he emphasized that he’s gotten better things in previous years, like a five-tier cake. The Panamericana TV character’s comments stunned the producer, who couldn’t hide his unease at the live complaints. Still, he took it best and even responded to it. “The truth, Andrés, is that I have forgotten your saint,” he explained.