Andreia Sadi narrates drama living with her son in ICU

Andreia Sadi narrates drama living with her son in ICU

Andréia Sadi and her two children Reproduction Internet

Andréia Sadi and her two childrenReproduction Internet

Published on 08/20/2022 16:19 | Updated on 08/20/2022 16:42

Rio Andreia Sadi revealed the drama she experienced with her son Pedro last week on her Instagram this Saturday (20). The journalist had already announced in the last few days that she had left work to take care of the little ones’ health, which was resolved in a short time, but the reason for the problem has not yet been disclosed. The mother of twins João and Pedro did not provide any further details in the publication, but opened her heart in an emotional caption, sharing how she felt seeing her oneyearold son in intensive care.

“In the last photo my first night in ICU with Pedro I could only imagine the reunion of the first photo: hugging with my brother Jojo.
They had never been apart since they were born and my twin mother’s heart was trying to stay calm in the face of the unpredictable, the uncertainty, my baby’s suffering the fear. I told some friends that after becoming a mother, I discovered what it was like to be afraid.
One day I’ll be able to write and talk about all of this but I can’t right now. The mother, I’ve been told, “cries last, catches the wave” ​​she only “cries” when all is well and out of danger.
Look… I tried. I thought I was strong, but then life’s greatest loves came and I couldn’t pull through. I broke down in the few hours he closed his eyes there at dawn. He asked for this maxim: “I want to swap places with him, his pain please pass for me”. I was met in the loneliness of fear by incredible professional women who have so much to see, ne… but for me that helping hand of nursing was everything. But when he was awake, he kept his tears in his pockets and painted the set to ease his pain: I went from music and choreography repeat Djavan (whom he’s addicted to now lol) to storytelling with him intently on mine Lapped over because he felt safer that way.
In the second photo this is a video my brother on duty took at the hospital we were walking in the hallway. Between all the wires and cables, Pedro does his show: he stops to greet the “neighbors” in the hallway and kiss them. Surprised, Bill and I burst out laughing.
But there I saw that Pedro was Pedro Root again: he came to be happy, to make people laugh, to have fun and to be happy. My heart exploded. Thank you for choosing me as your mother, my dear.
Keep going Pedroca (please avoid running, you’re too fast mom can’t catch you): I’ll always hold hands with you,” he wrote.

Celebrities, journalists, friends and fans of the presenter were present in the comments. Titi Muller commented: “A warm hug to you and good health,” while journalist Edu Carvalho said: “What a beautiful thing son lands in every mother’s heart. Be strong, beautiful mother, may God bless this family”. In addition to these examples, several other professionals and netizens showed solidarity in different ways.