Andrea Purgatori Two Doctors Under Manslaughter Investigation The Truth About

Andrea Purgatori, Two Doctors Under Manslaughter Investigation: The Truth About Cancer Is Out

The investigation into the death of journalist Andrea Purgatori has really accelerated. In fact, 24 hours after the investigation began, prosecutors put the first two names on the suspects’ register and presumed a felony of manslaughter after the reporter’s family filed a complaint that a radiology director and one of his associates were in trouble. At the heart of the investigations by the judges who own the file, prosecutors Sergio Colaiocco and Giorgio Orano, are the alleged mistakes that may have been made in the various health facilities that Purgatori turned to after it became known that he had lung cancer. In the lawsuit, the journalist’s relatives asked the public prosecutor’s office to clarify whether errors had been made in the diagnosis or in the selection of treatment methods.

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In fact, Purgatori was hospitalized to undergo radiation therapy for lung cancer, which had also caused problems in the brain. According to the family, the alleged irregularities in the treatments carried out are to be found precisely in the acceleration of the brain pathology, which, according to them, would have been accelerated by the antitumor therapies. The autopsy, which will be carried out on Monday at the Forensic Medical Institute of the Tor Vergata Polyclinic, is therefore intended to clarify whether Purgatori suffered from brain tumor metastases. In the instrumental diagnostic tests, which took place in another clinic in the capital, they would not have been highlighted in the radiological tests. Instead, according to the doctors of another structure to which the journalist had contacted, the lesions revealed by the radiological images were due to ischemia. This is one of the aspects that the public prosecutor wants to clarify, because if the facts were to be confirmed, the therapy administered would have been wrong with the incorrect diagnosis.

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As part of the autopsy examination, a CT examination is also carried out and, if necessary, further advice can then be requested. However, the technical investigations entrusted to the Nas Carabinieri will not proceed quickly. In the meantime, the judges will hear everyone who followed Purgatori’s clinical situation, including the doctors who accompanied the journalist from April 24 to July 19, the day of his death. In the complaint, the family members demanded “to verify the accuracy of the diagnosis reported by Purgatori in a Roman clinic and the resulting need for the severe therapies prescribed to him and whether the treatments actually necessary were omitted because of the same diagnostic errors”.

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