Andrea Iannone and Elodie Love rears up coexistence after Sanremo

Andrea Iannone and Elodie Love rears up, coexistence after Sanremo?

The relationship between the singer and the pilot continues, as evidenced by the photos of “Chi”.

The love between Elodie and Andrea Iannone seems to be going smoothly. The two met last summer while on vacation in Puglia and have been a committed couple ever since, subject to both commitments. They finally went public last September and the new photos, published exclusively by Chi Weekly magazine, only confirm their love.

Elodie and Iannone ready to live together?

The both are more united than ever and they were spotted hand in hand on the streets of Milan, exchanging a few loving kisses to show everyone how good they are together. 32-year-old Elodie and 33-year-old Andrea Iannone The couple seems to have struck a perfect balance. Until then 2023 seems to be the right year to look for a home together. Or who knows, maybe they’ll move into their new home, which they’re decorating together, Chi points out. Just advice or evidence of future cohabitation?

ready for sanremo

Love comes for Elodie as the culmination of a particularly happy time, which also saw her making her debut as an actress with the Intensity i eat your heart presented in Venice and now available to stream on Paramount+. In a few weeks it will fall Ariston’s Staircase to sing a song in Sanremo about a story that ended badly. And it’s certainly not the one with Andrea Iannone, with whom he’s been a steady couple for months. It’s likely that his previous relationship with Marracash ended just before he met Iannone at the centre.