Andrea Delogu: the video that caused scandal | "Just think of one thing"    Piceno evening

Andrea Delogu: the video that caused scandal | "Just think of one thing" Piceno evening

Andrea Delogu is an innocent and charming provocateur. This time he did not want to provoke anyone, but the “accident” broke out anyway.

Andrea Delogu surprisedAndrea Delogu was involved in a strange accident | Instagram

Andrea Delogu has something special. He has wit, panache, curiosity and a way of playing with his audience that mixes malice and innocence. You never know if she’s the one who has provoked you or if it’s you who just can’t think of anything but the usual. And if you want an example of this dynamic of things, you’ve come to the right place.

The most popular “red”

Andrea Delogu, as his surname suggests, is a presenter of Sardinian origin. Before becoming a TV presenter, she was a voice on the radio. And maybe Andrea formed that see-through double character in this ultra-modern, retro vehicle that you hear but don’t see. He debuted in television in 2002, on Italia1 and twenty years after these first steps, he can look back on his television career as an interesting accumulation of entertainment, Goliard wit, irony and self-mockery. It’s probably no coincidence that his Instagram channel was immediately one of the most followed and active. When his colleagues were still wondering what it was. Today with his 550,000 followers it doesn’t compete numerically with those of “mass” influencers but has its own specific niche of thinking fans with whom Andrea engages in a dialogue made up of smiles, small provocations and complicity.

Thinking fans who sometimes only think of one thing.

One of the most “porn-like” things you’ve ever seen?

An example of the odd mix of irony and fan fantasy is in this video. One of Andrea’s latest Instagram posts. Andrea plays with glue, a game we used to play a lot when we were kids. Let the glue dry on your hands and then peel off the “skin”. A little rough maybe. But certainly nothing with even the slightest malicious intent.

After a few smiling and joyful comments praising the old days, one commenter “jumped up” with an observation that stunned everyone and obviously angered Andrea, who saw his child’s game derail. The comment. “Did I just consider it one of the most pornographic things I’ve ever seen?”. A debate ensued, as they say. A rather surreal debate that we invite you to follow in the comments. At some point Andrea Delogu got involved, a bit surprised, a bit annoyed: “ I read comments from girls who saw it that way. But only girls. I do not understand. It’s vinavil and foolproof. I do not know”.

One of those cases where “You only think of one thing” is a statement with an obvious basis in reality.