Andrea Delogu, have you ever seen her without makeup, water and soap?  A rare charm

Andrea Delogu, have you ever seen her without makeup, water and soap? A rare charm

Andrea Delagu is shown without make-up. The beautiful redhead presenter conquers the audience with her soapy look.

She has been the focus of much criticism in recent times. The reason is because Andrea had found the vinyl glue and decided to put it on her hands like she used to do when she was a kid. When the glue dried, she started peeling her hand off and asked in the video where she does it if her fans played this game when they were kids. Here, then, Andrea was overwhelmed by a shiver of criticism. Some did not understand the moderator’s game and saw something daring in her gesture. The outraged presenter says she was dumb by the perversion of some women who saw sp*** connection in a simple game that was a child.

Andrea Delogu like you’ve never seen her before. Here is the presenter in the soapy water look. The web comments leave the moderator speechless

A really awkward episode that caught the glue that hit Tim Summer hit host Andrea. Fortunately, however, there are people who love the presenter and after this unpleasant misunderstanding not only showed their closeness, but also showered the presenter with compliments after the woman posted a photo of her without makeup. Andrea’s soap-and-water look, which we saw wearing great looks alongside Stefano De Martino this year, took everyone’s breath away. The woman is really beautiful.

In a society where looks are everything, it’s difficult to find women in the entertainment world who go without makeup and, most importantly, without filters. Yes, because if the make-up cannot cover up some blemishes such as redness, spots and dark circles, the stars often reach for the filter, which not only smoothes the skin, but also fills out the lips, gives a little color to the cheeks, brightens the eyes and makes everything practically perfect. Andrea, on the other hand, is not afraid to show herself without make-up and without deceit. Here is the photo he posted.

Andrea Delogu have you ever seen her without makeup water

The woman shows off her soapy look, messy hair, swollen eyes and face. The woman had probably just woken up and decided to post a photo in front of the mirror. The internet is going crazy, everyone loved Andrea for his spontaneity and authenticity, but he was bingoing with this selfie.

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