Andrea Bocelli I live for my children I want to

Andrea Bocelli: “I live for my children, I want to grow old with Veronica and I believe more and more in God”

by Barbara Visentin

The singer confesses: “I have the cult of freedom, but I am for life. My mother was advised to have an abortion: I leave the considerations to the reader.”

“Finally home, finally with the family.” After a June full of concerts abroad, Andrea Bocelli is delighted with the appointment that brings him back to Italy on July 7th to open the “Parma Cittàdella Musica” festival in the Parco Ducale (Zucchero, Pinguini Tattici Nucleari, Fabri Fibra, Irama are also present on the bill. and Sting).

How is it to find the Italian audience?

“A very nice feeling. Music knows no borders, okay: part of its power and beauty lies in the fact that it’s a universal language. However, it is a great joy and a sweet responsibility to be able to share it in your own country, where a large part of the repertoire I propose was born ».

At Christmas, photos of her daughter Virginia, 10, went around the world in the White House: How was the meeting with President Biden?

“Warm and with a simplicity that we really appreciated. To Virginia, the President posed as his grandfather, smiling and friendly. The result was a climate of trust that relieved any possible tension ».

On this occasion he performed with his son Matteo: what emotions did you feel?

«With Matteo, as well as with Amos, the eldest, and with little Virginia, as a parent, I live a community that sums up one fact. Namely, that they come first, that they are my absolute priority and my greatest joy and livelihood. Confirming that Matteo has found his own path and is a valued young artist is another gift ».

Have you always wanted to be a parent?

«No, I never dreamed of it, I found myself there and I was happy about it, but my vocation was not fatherhood, quite the opposite. When I was young I had a kind of allergy to small children, then I met my first child and the horizon shifted».

Which father is Andrea Bocelli? have you ever said no

“The entire educational plan was designed to educate my children for free. Saying no to something would have been a defeat for me. Freedom is fundamental: God created us free and there will be no parent who will limit us ».

She said she was a difficult son. However, there seems to be no arguments with his children.

‘Never serious things. But I was rebellious for various reasons and my parents were protective of me as they obviously thought of risks and dangers. I think of their fears and how proud they were of my early successes. Only today I can fully understand them ».

He often mentions God: Is his faith very strong?

“More and more. As you embark on this path, it becomes a daily requirement. I am very rational and skeptical by nature. That is exactly why I have faith. The atheist’s fable does not convince me, I have never thought of it , to be a child of chance ».

Is there anything about the Church that you disagree with?

“The church is made up of people and people are fallible, but instead of criticizing, I want to see what I can do constructively for the church. Instead, I notice a persistence that I dare say brutal ».

“We are talking about pedophile priests, but we are not talking about priests on missions, about people giving their lives in poor or dangerous places. We should take football as an example: we always talk about the best.”

Aren’t some ideas, such as anti-abortion, contrary to freedom?

“Aren’t we going to expect the church to sanction abortions?” Nor can we expect a court like the US Supreme Court to say otherwise: it serves its purpose and must be taken for what it is: sometimes liked, sometimes not. I have a cult of freedom, but I’m pro-life. My mother was advised to have an abortion when she was pregnant with me. The doctors saw problems during the pregnancy and were advised accordingly. I leave the rest of the reasoning to the reader.”

How does it feel to be a representative of Italy in the world?

“Honored, excited and even a little worried at times. But I will never forget the privilege of being able to turn my greatest passion into my profession».

Are there still goals to achieve in a career like yours?

“Growing old with my wife and being able to sing a lullaby to my kids’ kids. Life doesn’t tire me, it’s a miracle that never ceases to amaze me. And for me, singing is always a bit of a declaration of love.”

July 5, 2022 (update July 5, 2022 | 07:32)