Anahi reveals her secret to getting rid of wrinkles easily

Anahí tells us how to wear flared pants to show off the perfect buttocks panorama

pop band RBD is preparing to return to the stage, and as expected, fans have already told about the songs and fashion that members of the group imposed at that time. Among all the images that have circulated on the web, we have noticed how much the style of Anahí Puente has changed, leaving behind ruffled mini skirts to give way to a much more elegant and glamorous image. So much that Elephant leg pants have become one of her favorites because they not only show her the perfect butt but also make her look a lot more sophisticated and chic.

Anahí boasts flared pants that will show off your perfect buttocks

After announcing the band’s return to the stage RBDDozens of images with the appearance of anahi They leaked on social media and that’s where we found this one, which is by far our favorite.

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It’s a pretty simple outfit in which Anahí has ​​used some spectacular flared pants that lift the buttocks and a lace blouse that showed us that the singer has a more romantic style

Anahí flared trousers
Anahí flared trousers. Photo: Instagram

The perfect trousers for all silhouettes

the flared trousers are ideal for any type of silhouettebecause they shape the waist and give the impression that we have an hourglass figure, with wider hips, a narrow waist and perfect buttocks.
Likewise, they prefer people with an inverted triangle silhouette because it gives them volume in the lower part of the body, making their shoulders look much smaller than their legs and hips.

bell bottom pants
bell bottom pants Photo: Pinterest

Wear them in all colors!

As for the color Anahí wore her flared pants in black, but you can also use any other tone, pink, green, white and yellow are in trend in spring and summer. So don’t forget to include a few of these on your next visit to the mall if you wish. Show off perfect buttocks like the RBD member.

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