1693653268 Anahi talks about her relationship with Andres Garcia quotI needed

Anahí talks about her relationship with Andrés García: "I needed affection" Yahoo style

anahí Have fun on your tour RBD. The Mexican actress and singer is reunited with her former bandmates on stage, fulfilling her fans’ dream. He also lives a happy time with his family.

“My greatest gift in this life,” she wrote alongside a photo with her husband Manuel Velasco and his sons. “My engine! My 3 Güeritos! Living this dream with you is the most incredible thing in the world. Everything makes sense today.”

The 40-year-old Mexican star recalled her relationship with Andres Garcíawho died in April 2023 at the age of 81. When the two appeared in the soap opera “Mujeres Deguidas”, their friendship began, which was so close that rumors of a romance began to arise, which she describes as “nonsense” and flatly denies it.

Anahi talks about her relationship with Andres Garcia quotI needed

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“I’m doing Deceived Women, that’s where I was Andrés García’s daughter, that’s where I met Andrés. Wherever I was, this man by my side was wonderful, in the most difficult moments of my illness he was a helping hand,” she said in an interview with Joaquin Lopez Doriga about García, who supported her years ago when she suffered from anorexia and bulimia.

“I don’t need money, I didn’t need anything (material), I worked a lot, I needed affection, of course I had it, I repeat, my parents love me, but I sometimes needed that handshake,” he admitted.


In 1999, both were part of the cast of “Deceived Women”: Anahí in the role of Jessica Duarte and Andrés García in the role of her father Javier Duarte. The RBD denied having a love story with García.

1693653262 175 Anahi talks about her relationship with Andres Garcia quotI needed

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“He was wonderful for me back then, we were doing “Deceived Women” and I already had a very strong problem with anorexia and bulimia,” remembers Anahí. “Andrés was a wow man, a 10 with me and all the crap they invented. They invented that if I hang out with him, in…,” he explained, adding that he saw him as a father.

Anahí visited García and cared for him when he became ill with cirrhosis of the liver. “Andrés has been a helping hand and that is why life has allowed me lately to do things for him and to give back to him ‘today for me and tomorrow for you’. I am very proud and happy that I achieved this,” she said.