Ana Maria Bragas discreet boyfriend was married to a reporter

Ana Maria Braga’s discreet boyfriend was married to a reporter and caught in the act

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Posted on 20230124 20:34 / Updated on 20230124 20:34

    (Image credit: reproduction/social networks)

(Image credit: reproduction/social networks)

In the last days Ana Maria Braga drew public attention when she appeared in a photo with her new boyfriend. However, the couple’s history is more controversial than many realize. In short, the presenter of “Mais Você” would have been put against the wall by the expartner of Fábio Arruda, her lover. All the confusion would have happened behind the scenes at Globo after the woman made a discovery: the journalist exchanged messages with the blonde while he was still married.

The information comes from the columnist of Band’s program “Melhor da Tarde”, Kaká Meyer, who reveals that Ana Maria was visited in her dressing room by her current boyfriend’s ex. “When he started Ana Maria he was in a different relationship. It wasn’t over yet. He had a stable relationship,” says the journalist. However, the extramarital relationship was discovered through messages from Fábio Arruda, who was once a video editor at Globo.

Also during the band program, host Cátia Fonseca stated that printouts of Ana Maria’s conversations with Arruda had been sent to the production of her attraction. “It’s terrible. We won’t show up [as mensagens] because it doesn’t make sense, we don’t want to take anyone’s life. It’s not even just being disrespectful, being disrespectful isn’t enough. Seriously, we’re not kidding, no,” he confessed.

Ana Maria Braga, on the other hand, who has always been discreet about her private life, has not commented on the matter. Also, don’t assume that you’re in a serious relationship with the man. It is worth remembering that before coming out with this new novel, Ana Maria enjoyed being single since her marriage to Frenchman Johnny Lucet ended in June 2021.

Discreto, Ana Maria Braga’s boyfriend was married to a Globo reporter and caught in the act, was first published in the Observatório dos Famosos.