Ana Maria Braga surprises and announces retirement

Ana Maria Braga surprises and announces retirement

Presenter Ana Maria Braga, who recently returned to work after a family vacation in South Africa, surprised TV Globo executives. According to information provided by columnist Alessandro LoBianco, the TV veteran “threw in the towel” during the program “A Tarde É Sua” on Friday (27th) and told his broadcaster that he would be retiring next year.

Also according to information from the columnist of RedeTV! would have “preceded” Ana Maria Braga, as behindthescenes information was circulating that Globo would be pushing changes in his daily morning schedule over the next year, as evidenced in some changes in his “Mais Você” program:

“In fact, Globo was surprised because Ana Maria Braga went to the board and presented her retirement plan. She went to Globo and said that she was not interested in renewing her contract from 2024,” the journalist initially said, sharing that broadcaster Marinho had also already decided to end the contract with the veteran communicator, who will start next year expires, not to extend .

Sources linked to broadcaster Rio de Janeiro’s contracts department told the journalist that the impression conveyed, according to Ana Maria, was that she “wanted to be ahead of the curve” amid the unpredictability of what was happening could affect their morning show next year. Braga would also have presented a project for a live program to be shown on Globo’s Globoplay streaming platform.

LoBianco also shared some details on how TV Globo executives received the news of Ana Maria Braga’s resignation. According to the journalist Broadcaster Marinho is “relieved” to know that it won’t face any problems when switching its programming schedule in 2024.

It is worth remembering that it was Sonia Abrão’s columnist who informed that the chef and presenter Paola Carosella was to take the place of Ana Maria Braga on the channel’s mornings: “Globo is relieved to know that this is the case there won’t be a direct clash with Ana Maria and that gives a ‘major break’ in the sense that there are no more obstacles with Paolla Carosella in the morning program,” he explained.