Ana Maria Braga reveals personal reason behind ‘Mais Você’ departure  EM OFF

Ana Maria Braga reveals personal reason behind ‘Mais Você’ departure EM OFF

Several viewers noted that “Mais Você”, which aired this Wednesday morning (15th), was not live as usual. The curious fact was noticed even before the morning program started, when Ana Paula Araújo, host of Bom Dia Brasil, did not speak quickly to her Ana Maria Braga in the final moments of Rede Globo’s journalistic appeal, as he usually does.

With the program duly recorded, Louro presented José’s eternal companion “Mais Você” normally and only at the end of the edition revealed the reason why the attraction was not shown live. In addition, the titular presenter announced that she will be absent for the remainder of the week, being replaced by Fabrício Battaglini and Talitha Morete.

No sooner had he congratulated one of his grandchildren on their first year, Ana Maria tells because he will deviate from his daily program: “I want to take this moment to say something to you … I have a promise I made years ago when I was diagnosed with cancer for the first time in my life, to honor Our Lady of To visit Fatima, there at least once a year in Fátima”.

Sequentially, the contractual partner of Rede Globo said that he will use the weekend, which starts this Thursday (16th), to fulfill the promise made and that he insists every year on fulfilling it religiously: “I always have to find a place for that in my life can go there. So I wanted to apologize to you as we have Corpus Christi tomorrow.”

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The blonde said she’s already packed for her trip to Portugal, where she’ll attend a mass and still receive a painting made by a local artist: “Well, starting tomorrow I’m going there to see Our Lady of Fátima, in Portugal to keep my promise. Even I will bring a picture of her made by an artist and will even receive a mass in the Capela das Aparições.”

Finally, That’s what Ana Maria Braga revealed their successors are responsible for “Mais Você” for the rest of this week. The presenter assured that she will be back next Monday (20): “So from tomorrow Fabrício Battaglini and Talitha Morete will be here and I’ll be back next week. It will be very quick! I’m going there and I’m going to pray for all of you there in Fatima. Be right back!”.


At “Mais Você” (14) on Tuesday, Ana Maria Braga surprised her viewers by dominating her program in an unusual outfit. In her pajamas and slippers, the presenter revealed that she skipped the costumes provided by Rede Globo due to the cold weather in São Paulo: “I was like, ‘You know what, it’s so cold that I’m going to go like me today ‘m, in the house,'” said the blonde.