Ana de Armas opens up about her nightmare after breaking up with Ben Affleck

Ana de Armas opens up about her nightmare after breaking up with Ben Affleck

Anne of Arms enjoying the success of The Gray Man, the highest-priced feature film in Netflix history in which he stars Ryan Gosling and Chris Evans and is gearing up to promote Blonde, the biopic about Marilyn Monroe, out September 23 on the streaming platform.

Speaking to Elle magazine, De Armas alluded to her relationship with Ben Affleck, now the husband of Jennifer Lopez, who she split from in January last year, and assured her that it was a very difficult moment in their relationship Life was how invasive the press had become.

“The breakup rumors were awful,” she said flatly.

However, he assured that thanks to this he made a decision that he thought about: “I moved from Los Angeles [a Nueva York] for it and it has been very good for me. Going through all the attention of the paparazzi, my opinion on the subject was confirmed: “This is not a place to live.” Everything became very intense. There was no escape. There is no escape. Los Angeles is a city that makes you feel like you’re always missing out, it scares you all the time.”

Additionally, the Between Knives and Secrets actress said getting away from social media is very therapeutic: “I deleted my Twitter account years ago and I don’t post much on Instagram,” she said. In fact, his publications were limited to promoting his work and not to personal matters. After nearly a year of dating, Affleck and De Armas confirmed their split in January 2021. “Ben isn’t dating Ana anymore,” a person close to the couple told People magazine about the split.

“The relationship between the two was complicated, Ana doesn’t want to live in Los Angeles permanently and Ben obviously has to since his kids live there,” he said.

“This was mutual and developed on a friendly basis,” another source said. “They are at different stages in their lives, but there is great love and respect. Ben keeps working on himself. He has three steady jobs and is a great stay-at-home dad. They are both happy with how their lives are today,” he concluded.

In the days following the announcement, all lightning bolts pointed to the actors, who met and fell in love on the set of the movie Deep Waters (which premiered on Amazon Prime Video). The most striking photo to emerge during those turbulent days showed a man throwing a gigantograph of the actress in the trash.

According to the versions, Affleck himself asked to remove the photo of his ex from his apartment, which was a gift from the children the actor had with Jennifer Garner, Violet, Seraphina and Samuel. Immediately, broadcasters began speculating about the identity of the person who actually threw the gigantography, camouflaged with a chin strap and hat, with many asserting that it was Ben’s brother, Oscar winner Casey Affleck.

The version gained so much power that Casey had to deny it himself. “No, that’s not me,” the actor told Entertainment Tonight. “A lot of people sent me this photo and I wanted to tweet a joke or a response but nothing seemed appropriate and I don’t have twitter so it wouldn’t work but the man in the photo is definitely not me,” he said the actor. .

“It was torture”: Ana’s confession about blondes

In January last year, in an interview with the Sunday Times, the actress told how difficult it was to break away from Marilyn Monroe after each day of shooting Andrew Dominike’s “Blonde” and how intensively she had to prepare for the task of this protagonist.

“I tried! -said the Cuban-born interpreter- it took me only nine months of training and practicing dialects. It was a great torture, very exhausting. My brain was fried,” he said.

On the other hand, the story allowed her to reflect on the role of women in the industry. “In general, it’s very easy to draw parallels between the ’30s, ’40s, ’50s and today. And above all, how very difficult it is to achieve this if you don’t have a solid base and your family to support you,” said the actress, who looks a lot like the star in the first images and trailers released by Netflix.