Ana Carolina becomes a grandmother

Ana Carolina becomes a grandmother

the TV presenter Ana Carolina Castillo she has vented about the situation she is experiencing with her eldest daughter, the influencer Litzy Berlina, 19 years old.

In tears, during an interview on the “Alofoke Radio Show”, Castillo announced that his daughter is pregnanta situation she described as difficult, for which she asked her followers for support, both for her and for Litzy, who has been in isolation and last night published her first photo showing her bulging stomach.

“Litzy, my daughter, is pregnant,” Castillo said. “She has at least my support, I didn’t have anyone. Necessary the support of my followers who love and support mezero attacks,” he added.

“My kids are more important than anything in life so it was difficult for me because I’ve been working like a lioness since I was 19, 18 to make her a career and be the girl that all the parents want her to be. be their children,” he continued.

while litzy, confessed in a post on Instagram that she will be a single mother.

“Today everyone got the good news that I’m going to be a mother. Thank you all for the nice DMs and comments you wrote me. I love you all,” she wrote.