An unexpected visit

An unexpected visit…

Possibly the duo of Jeff Gorton and Kent Hughes had not anticipated that the scenario would be subject to changes.

At the start of the season, decision makers had clearly set out the company’s goals for this first recovery season.

development of skaters.

Make sure we bring back that culture of yesteryear to the team.

Make personnel changes.

And Kent Hughes insisted there should be more flexibility in managing the salary cap.

In other words, at some point it will be necessary to correct the current equation, which defies common sense. A financial commitment, the second-highest in the league and an identity-seeking team that is once again excluded from the spring tournament.

It doesn’t work

Again and again one hears that there are skaters who demand enormous amounts of money, who in the end deliver results that in no way justify the trust of the old administration.

And the situation gets even more complicated when an unexpected visitor shows up and catches your attention.

Rafaƫl Harvey-Pinard from Quebec changes the situation.

Was he expected to earn everyone’s trust, become a fan favorite and take a coveted position alongside Nick Suzuki, offering a five-goal performance, ahead of the All-Star Game break?

His enthusiasm, his perseverance and his sense of duty have so far forced the hand of coach Martin St-Louis. It obliges decision-makers to review the assessment of the workforce.

Harvey-Pinard likes to reiterate that a match, staying with the big team, doesn’t necessarily make a career.

Totally agree

But a player shouldn’t let the leaders make decisions. It must force managers to review their position, review the leadership of the workforce.

That’s exactly what he’s been doing since his recall.

His coach didn’t hesitate to use him with the best middle player in the formation. The decision makers have asked him to take a few days off to recharge his batteries during the break from the All-Star Game, as it is likely the young man will be given increased responsibility when operating is resumed.

But beware. The infirmary won’t always be this crowded. The veterans will want to come back into the game and take their place again, the manager will have to juggle his staff.

Let’s ask ourselves a question: What role does Brendan Gallagher expect once he gets the green light from the doctors?

Because if the trend continues, ousting Harvey-Pinard will be difficult. He’s young, he’s dynamic, he doesn’t fear anyone and that’s why he invades the privileged zone and challenges the opposing defenders.

Like Gallagher a few years ago.

But for the past three years, the right winger has still had that determination and tenacity that characterizes him, only he no longer has all the resources to exploit it. He missed almost 70 games in three years, frequent visits to the infirmary leave their mark.

If Hughes points out that with the return of some veterans he will inevitably have to give the company’s financial management more flexibility, he certainly has to hope that some of his peers will take an interest in some of his skaters.

The resumption of activity, the deadline for staff-level transfers, could offer Hughes an opportunity to reduce payroll costs.

We will see

Now, as I’ve said on numerous occasions, we tend to get carried away quickly, on the other hand, the Canadian’s decision-makers know that, even if some veterans turn up their noses and say they’re ready to return to the competition, they’ll have a hard time maintaining the status by Harvey-Pinard to change.

He’s delivered more meaningful results in such a short amount of time than some have done since the start of the season.

A slap in the face of the NHL!

Carlo Colaiacovo is this former Maple Leafs, Blues, Flyers defenseman who is now making a career in the information world. He is well informed, outspoken and this week criticized Commissioner Gary Bettman.

He blames Bettman for the league’s disappointing TV ratings. However, it was believed that the NHL’s new deal with several American broadcasters would boost the league’s popularity. However, it is exactly the opposite.

A hearing loss of 25% is recorded.

Colaiacovo accuses Bettman of creating this situation.

According to him, the salary cap is in question. He adds that the National League doesn’t have a marketing plan to raise awareness of their best players. He argues that the salary cap prevents teams from making many roster changes while, as we know, the trades are causing a stir among fans.

He questions the relevance of the four divisions, arguing that there are too many games.

Everything goes

It touches on some interesting points, you have to admit. In terms of transactions, nothing happens except during the transfer period. It’s dead quiet throughout the season. No wonder there is a lack of interest among laypeople. If their squad is badly hit by injuries, they have no way out because the salary cap restricts action at the transfer level.

Divisions is a subject Bettman doesn’t want to hear.

The number of games? Pittsburgh Penguins boss Brian Burke says the schedule should be limited to 70 games.

It has to change

In short, it’s a slap in the face of the league. Certainly we have reaped great profits from the monetary involvement of American television, but those broadcasters certainly need not appreciate the turn of events.

They certainly advised the league that the situation needs to improve…

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