An interview about shirts and new declarations of love: Gwyneth Paltrow and Brad Pitt meet again

An interview about shirts and new declarations of love: Gwyneth Paltrow and Brad Pitt meet again

An interview about shirts and new declarations of love Gwyneth

Brad Pitt and Gwyneth Paltrow were the handsome couple of Hollywood. Blondes, young and famous. It was 1994, they had just shot the movie Seven together and they walked every red carpet with their love. The relationship ended three years later. They never made too many statements, although some sources pointed to a difference in tastes, particularly the then 32-year-old actor, over the party. Almost three decades have passed since then and the artists have now met again for an interview, during which they had time to reminisce about the past and make new declarations of love.

The 1990s are still a long way off, and when they reunite, Paltrow and Pitt are already in very different places. The Oscar winner for Shakespeare In Love is the owner of Goop, a controversial and massive online empire where she sells her own line of fashion, cosmetics and health supplements, but also publishes books, produces podcasts and publishes a quarterly magazine. Paltrow, founder and CEO, has been speaking at the prestigious Harvard University to talk about her $250 million company. On her website this week, the businesswoman interviewed her ex-partner, capitalizing on the fact that the fellow Oscar-winning actor has launched a brand of cashmere shirts called God’s True Cashmere, which is priced at around $2,000.

The interview – which leaves phrases like, “Oh, Gwynnie, that’s like a hug, I’ll never take it off” – was an excuse for the artists to reminisce about their relationship, which ended a month before their wedding .

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The conversation heats up when the actress Pitt asks about her father, producer Bruce Paltrow who died in 2002: “I will never forget that one day when we were engaged he came to me with tears in his eyes and said: ” I never understood what they meant when they said you’re going to have a kid, but you’re going to have a kid.” What impact did it have on you? why did you love him Although unfortunately we didn’t get married. To which the actor dodges the questions and just laughingly replies, “Well, everything’s going well, right?” On the rhetoric, Paltrow continues, “Yes. I’ve finally found the Brad I should marry. It only took me 20 years [en referencia a Brad Falchuk, con quien se casó en 2018]“. Far from causing discomfort, the interview continues with the interpreter saying, “And it’s wonderful to have you as a friend now. Loving you.” “I love you so much,” she concludes.

After their relationship ended, Pitt began dating Jennifer Aniston, to whom he was married until 2005, and later Angelina Jolie, whom he divorced in 2016 and with whom he is currently engaged in a legal battle over their joint vineyards in France. For her part, Paltrow soon began a relationship with Coldplay musician Chris Martin, to whom she married and with whom she had two children: Apple and Moses. They also separated in 2014.

Prior to this interview, the actors had recalled their relationship with the Me Too feminist movement. One of the key pieces in the two New York Times journalists’ investigations into Harvey Weinstein, Paltrow recounted the molestation she suffered at the hands of the producer who tried to sexually abuse her when she was 22. Just when he was with Pitt. Both described the moment the actor threatened Weinstein, “If she ever feels unwell again, I’ll kill you.”