An influencer trapped in Dubai faces two years in prison

An influencer trapped in Dubai faces two years in prison for yelling at an employee

Tierra Young Allen, a Texas influencer, is still stuck in Dubai and faces two years in prison for yelling at a car rental employee.

In fact, the 29-year-old woman was arrested after an altercation at the company’s offices last May, according to the Chron.

The influencer was involved in a minor accident with the rental car, after which the car in question, as well as her phone and credit cards, had to be confiscated.

Upon returning to the rental agency, the influencer claimed she had been asked an unexpected sum to retrieve her personal belongings.

She defended herself with the clerk demanding that amount of money, which led to a dispute that required police intervention.

The passport of the person nicknamed “Sassy Trucker” on social media has been confiscated by authorities.

After an unknown length of detention, she was released but still cannot get her passport back.

However, the trucker and influencer is not her first visit to Dubai.

Her mother, Tina Baxter, says her daughter was staying with a friend when she was arrested.

The influencer receives help from Detained in Dubai, a non-profit organization that helps US citizens detained in Dubai.

The organization’s president said in a statement:

“Tierra and her family have been through hell and have no idea what the outcome will be or when they might be reunited.

Just recently, two Americans agreed to pay impound fees to a car rental company just to collect their passports and get home.

If they didn’t pay, they’d still be here, maybe in jail.