An incredible emotion Aurora Ramazzotti reveals the sex of the

“An incredible emotion”: Aurora Ramazzotti reveals the sex of the baby on Instagram

Blue ribbon for Aurora Ramazzotti and Goffredo Cerza: It was with great joy that the couple announced on social media that they were expecting one little boy. On this occasion, her friends organized a great party, and during the gender reveal there were many funny moments, which were immortalized in photos that have already conquered all fans.

Aurora Ramazzotti, The Gender Reveal

On a beautiful and sunny autumn Sunday, Aurora Ramazzotti and her boyfriend Goffredo Cerza They made the most beautiful discovery: during a wonderful party (organized by their friends) they finally revealed the sex of their baby to the whole world, a surprise they enjoyed the most. “I wanted to share this incredible emotion (before anyone else did)” – Aurora wrote on her Instagram stories, using a beautiful blue sky as the background Adding a blue heart, which leaves no doubt. She will soon be the mother of a boy and couldn’t be happier.

Although very focused on living this day full of intense emotions, Ramazzotti and her partner have chosen to do so post some snaps revealing their gender, which gives us a wonderful surprise. Originating from the USA and very popular with us for several years, this party is mostly organized by friends and relatives with lots of fun games and only at the end expectant parents (together with everyone present) discover sex of the baby that is waiting. For Aurora, the party saw Sara Daniele’s signature: She’s one of her closest friends, and the hug they exchanged when she finally got there Thousands of blue petals They invaded the sky, it’s pure magic.

At the party of course many attended: In the front row stood alongside Aurora and Goffredo Michelle Hunziker and Eros Ramazzotti. On this very special occasion, they gathered around their “little girl” to share wonderful and unforgettable moments. And from the first details leaked on Instagram, it’s clear that revealing the gender was really fun. Jonathan Kashanianwho “led” the event, began a tug-of-war between dolls (one blue and one pink, of course), at the end of which the winner determined the baby’s gender, in a flurry of confetti that was hurled into the sky.

Aurora Ramazzotti and Goffredo Cerza, the love story

Only a few days ago, after weeks of indiscretions and Alfonso Signorini’s bursting, finally Aurora had decided to announce this (or rather confirm) his sweet anticipation. And she did it her way, with that irony that has always characterized her, and released a video that caused a lot of laughs from her fans. But she and Goffredo can’t hide the great emotions they experience while waiting to become a mom and dad for the first time. Then came the first photos of the stomach, again on Instagram, all move.

What about future grandparents? Michelle HünzikerShe, who long ago revealed that she wants to be a grandmother, is no longer in the skin and has formed a beautiful relationship with Goffredo’s mother, preparing together for the new role they will soon play in their children’s lives. Eros Ramazzotti, on the other hand, wanted to share his immense joy on stage at one of his last concerts. Pointing to Aurora, he dedicated wonderful words to her: “You make me a grandfather. I want him to sing with me on stage, male or female. The important thing is that he’s doing well and, like I said, he’s coming to a better world than the one we live in. Thank you Auri, I love you“.