quotAn easy disappearancequot Quoted for the BBB23 announces vacation from

"An easy disappearance"; Quoted for the BBB23 announces social media holiday, fueling speculation again…


Dora Figueiredo, a BBB23 nominee since last year, announced that she will be spending some time off the internet

Dora Figueiredo is quoted as attending BBB23© Playback / Instagram @dorafigueiredoDora Figueiredo is quoted as attending BBB23

Dora Figueiredo, one of the most cited influencers to be part of the BBB23 castHe made the announcement this Monday (02), fueling speculation about his name participating in the attraction.

In a post on his Twitter account, Dora warned her followers that she was going on vacation from the internet, that is, she would not be on social networks for some time. However, she claimed that the break was due to last year’s unrest.

“I’m finally going to take a vacation from the internet, I can’t believe it!! I know you will miss it (hate me) but I need to rest to have strength for this year! I’m taking a short break, but I’ll be right back!”, explained Dora in the post.

So far, globe has not yet confirmed the name of a BBB23 participant, but Dora’s name remains highly speculated. The broadcaster hasn’t revealed when it will release the closedname list for the cast. The program starts on January 16th.

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