An American is caught trying to poison his colleague

An American is caught trying to poison his colleague

As the saying goes, “revenge is a dish best served cold,” but depending on the type of revenge, that dish may be overcooked. We also know that whoever is everyone’s friend is in fact no one’s friend. Have you ever had animosity in your work environment or know someone who doesn’t like you there? With this type of person it is always necessary to keep one’s eyes open and caution as some revenge can end unexpectedly and tragically.

An employee of a company United States crossed the ethical and moral line and was eventually arrested after trying to get revenge on a colleague. The American was caught trying to poison one of his workplace enmities.

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Understand how this episode happened

According to local media, the victim is considered a difficult person to live with. Although they were colleagues, the relationship during working hours proved problematic and quite damaging. So when the victim went to the toilet, the perpetrator of the poisoning crime poured bleach into her water. The man took a sip of the drink and described how it tasted different.

What Jerome (author’s name) had no idea was that the entire action would be recorded by the location’s security cameras. He reported to authorities that he spilled bleach everywhere, which is why everything smelled different. In his opinion, the attempt to poison his colleague was not premeditated.

The action was defined as an attempt at revenge against the colleague

After being informed of the recording tapes, Jerome admitted the mistake, claiming it was revenge on his colleague. The two had just ended their argument, and moved by anger, the author decided to poison this other employee’s drink.

The poisoning attempt was confirmed and Jerome was arrested by US authorities. He is currently awaiting trial for the crime he committed. The poisoned colleague was not seriously affected after ingesting the tampered liquid.

It’s important to note that ingesting bleach can cause severe poisoning and death. An excess of this product is considered quite toxic to the human body.