Amsterdam goes puritanical press on cannabis alcohol and prostitutes

Amsterdam goes puritanical: press on cannabis, alcohol and prostitutes

In the famous district of A red lightsLandmark of infraction and high, shutters must be down at 3am and no smoking is in effect cannabis Traveling. In Amsterdam, the puritanical twist that you don’t expect Stuff that amazes the most permissive tourists, those who only went to the capital of the Netherlands to party, haul for a fee and smoke “guns” in freedom. Now, a series of ordinances passed by the city council risk destroying (it is appropriate to say so) the plans of the faithful adult nightlife lovers. The new rules, which will come into effect from mid-May, aim to improve the area’s livability.

Amsterdam, the new nightlife

In fact, residents seem to have complained about the inconveniences caused by the tourists who storm the neighborhood every year, staying late and often abusing alcohol and drugs. Here: for example, this will no longer be possible, at least formally. The new measures, supported by almost all local councils, envisage a ban on smoking cannabis in the streets. A rule that – in theory – is intended to change habits in the quartereven if we are already imagining the difficulties of the official controls.

Red light window closed at 3am

The city has also reportedly announced that it will not be allowing new visitors into the neighborhood on Fridays and Saturdays old Town after 1. Restaurants and bars must close at 2. More or less the same as any other city. Bad news for tourists who also came to Amsterdam in search of prostitutes: the windows of sex workers, according to the new regulations of the municipality, they must be closed at 3 a.m. And a squeeze on alcohol is on the way, too. Currently, the consumption of alcohol is illegal in most public spaces in Amsterdam, and the sale of alcohol is also prohibited spirits takeaway from Thursday to Sunday from 4pm Well, those rules are being tightened further: local authorities will even ask retailers to completely remove the alcohol from their shop windows.

The Foreign Drug Addicts Act

As already mentioned, the consumption of cannabis will not be tolerated on the street, but the sale of cannabis will still be allowed under certain conditions already provided for in the Dutch regulations. What is new, however, is that sellers have to be careful not to cause a public nuisance and not to attract them foreign drug addicts. The local ones – as can be deduced – are already sufficient.