Amici evening 2023 the testimonies of the first episode The

Amici evening 2023, the testimonies of the first episode: The Zerbi and Celentano team are in charge Music Fanpage

Friends of Maria De Filippi 2022/2023

Tonight, Saturday March 10, the Amici 2023 evening began, in which the students of Maria De Filippi’s talent will challenge each other. Here the testimonials.

The Zerbi Celentano team at Amici 23, photo from the @AmiciUfficiale Twitter account

The Zerbi Celentano team at Amici 23, photo from the @AmiciUfficiale Twitter account

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Friends of Maria De Filippi 2022/2023

Tonight, Saturday March 10th The evening of friends 2023 has begun where we will see how the students of Maria De Filippi’s talent challenge each other. After months of waiting, the 15 gold jerseys have been distributed to the best performers of this edition, divided into three teams of five: the first led by Rudy Zerbi and Celentano, the second by Emmanuel Lo and Lorella Cuccarini, while the last team is directed by the Arisa couple – Raimondo Todaro. Once in the evening the jurors of Amici 23 also change: to decide the fate of the young artists the trio Cristiano Malgioglio, Giuseppe Giofrè and Michele Bravi. The first episode of the evening saw the team of Rudy Zerbi and Celentano on the shields winning all heats, especially with the interpretation of Aaron winning the challenge with Wax. Megan and NDG are eliminated. Here the testimonials.

The testimonies of the first episode of the Amici 23 evening

NDG Rating 5.5

On the notes of Firestone, after a two hour waitNDG tries to go on stage with a very convincing interpretation: the thermal shock of the bars written by the young author is compared to the boring refrain, I am his “work in progress”. The same goes for Lonely convincing in the bars, less so by the judges who decide he will be the one to challenge Federica for the final elimination. I want more, his unreleased performance in the final against Federica, has all the trappings of radio success, but that doesn’t make him stay on the Evening Show. He is the second eliminated of the evening after the dancer Megan.

Clique, voice 6

It collides with a piece like in the first heat Surprise me with Stadio: difficult, a lot, especially after that Zerbis scratches. The result against Isobel is obvious but the match just doesn’t seem to be there. Against Megan he saves himself with a viva la vida that doesn’t fit his strings at all: maybe in his ears We have the voice of Chris Martin, but the emotion only comes in the stadium choir of the chorus. Everyone deserves a second chance, even after a Just The Way You Are that belies the above accomplishments. Let’s remember the background: Elimination, also known as flatbread.

Night of Friends 2023: Megan and NDG are eliminated from the first episode

Angelina, voice 7.5

Just watch the first game against Gianmarco to understand what he’s made of. Angelina takes over the screen with a “very difficult” pieceas the judges Bravi and Malgioglio explain, giving her the first win: it’s about that A Case of You by Joni Mitchell in 1971. He starts the challenge against Ramon with a very intimate May 9th from Liberato: he could stand the challenge if Ramon didn’t pull off a really impressive performance with the Flames of Paris.

Aaron, voice 7

The most convincing of all singers who compete with Angelina. Its go home to the maneskins running the gauntlet he is certainly much closer to the musical universe of Damiano David of the Maneskin. The scratched stamp and the screenplay previously written by Zerbi in the dispute with Arisa do the rest. In the fight with Samu he sings Io che non vivo senza te by Pino Donaggio: There is a lot of trouble, but as Malgioglio says: “You have extraordinary energy, but you didn’t convince me.”

Small G, grade 4.5

Colapesce and Dimartino’s Splash is a play to be interpreted, not read. If the chorus can be a way to allay fears of a verse that’s started worse, Malgioglio’s words resolve all doubts: a “karaoke” rendition.

Federica, voice 6

He is the victim of the Zerbi-Celentano couple: his performance with Come into my heart would not have deserved a runoff with the other two competitors. Least the challenge for the final elimination. It performs with the unpublished note in the elimination challenge against NDG, a great strength with a vote that can be worked on a lot. The emotion betrays them while Tananai Tangoa black spot in the evening.

Wax, voice 5

So Wax is coming home? Definitely not this time, even if the dilemma in the confrontation with Aaron is reminiscent of Zerbi’s words: Did it really need an interpretation far removed from the piece’s natural charge? Maybe not his song, but the energy, like the cold, can be felt. Even more if the Zerbi-Celentano couple He tackles the challenge against Ramon and Isobel, two of the best performers, with a song like It will be because I love you from Rich and Poor, lightened in performance by its bars. Finally, with an honorary doctorate from Marracash and Calcutta, it seems to return to its case a bit, but the touch of autotune ruins and no little listening.

The teams of the Amici 23 evening

Team Lorella Cuccarini and Emanuel Lo

  • Samu (dancer)
  • Madeleine (dancer)
  • Megan (Ballerina)
  • NDG (singer)
  • clique (singer)
  • Angelina (singer)

Team Rudy Zerbi and Alessandra Celentano

  • Ramon (dancer)
  • Gianmarco (dancer)
  • Isobel (dancer)
  • Aaron (singer)
  • Little G (singer)

Team Arisa and Raimondo Todaro

  • Alexis (dancer)
  • Matthew (dancer)
  • Federica (singer)
  • wax (singer)