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Amici 22, super coup by Maria De Filippi: two ex boyfriends in the jury!

If the message was confirmed by Maria DeFilippi would be really sensational! In fact, the queen of Italian television seems to intend to reunite two ex-boyfriends at Amicis Studios: Emma Brown and Stephen DeMartino!

Emma Marrone and Stefano De Martino

The singer and dancer – who met and fell in love directly on the talent show – have been together for several years. A love story that made all Friends fans dream until it penetrated the heart of the conductor Belen Rodriguez.

After a period of strained relations, between Emma and Stefan there is again a cheerful atmosphere.

Over the years they have exchanged many words of appreciation and affection. The same Stefan He let her feel his closeness when he lost his father after an illness.

According to an indiscretion leaked by Novella 2000 and published by The Pipol, it appears that the host of the program most coveted by emerging artists wants her to judge the evening, which will start in March!

Oh well! Next Stephen DeMartino could sit Emma Brown!

Emma Brown and Stephen DeMartino together again! For fans of the Salento singer and former dancer and Rai Face conductor, it’s time to rejoice. This year, both of them are part of the jury on the evening of Amici 22. Super Coup Maria DeFilippi!

The two became engaged during the talent edition, which was later won by Emmaway back in 2009.
Many on social media rejoiced after Novella2000’s indiscretion, writing: “Finally we see them together again in the same studio”.