Amici 22, Silvia Toffanin could headline afternoon slot

Amici 22, Silvia Toffanin could headline afternoon slot

For the new edition of the talent show, which begins in the fall, Maria De Filippi could give way to a new presenter and then return for the evening

Silvia Toffanin

Source: IPA

After the huge success of the 2021/2022 supplement, Amici di Maria De Filippi has once again been confirmed in the channel 5, and is ready to return in the fall. The new season, the 22nd, promises to be full announcements: There is talk of changes in professors, but also of handovers in management.

Silvia Toffanin on Amici 22?

In fact, according to a rumor reported by BlastingNews, it appears that Maria De Filippi is ready to step down from the helm of the afternoon slot the talent show to another popular face from Mediaset: Silvia Toffanin. After the excellent result achieved by Verissimo for the season that has just ended, the moderator could replace De Filippi for the entire selection phase of the students who will take part in the evening program. Auditions, challenges, lessons, questions, discussions with professors: a long and difficult road for Amici’s up-and-coming competitors, who for the first time after 21 editions could be accompanied by one new hostto then find Mary again in the evening phase, the most important and decisive one.

However, as stated by the same site reporting the news, it is a rumour not yet confirmed. Silvia Toffanin has not yet spoken about this hypothetical new project, nor has Maria De Filippi announced that she intends to leave the management of the Amici afternoon phase. It remains to be seen whether the news will be confirmed by those directly interested or by Mediaset’s top management.

The news of Amici 22

In the meantime, there are already many changes that are coming to the talent show Canale 5, especially as far as the professors’ tables are concerned. According to some rumors, it could actually reach singing teachers Michel Bravi, who was to take the place of Anna Pettinelli. Lorella Cuccarini and Veronica Peparini, on the other hand, could give up their dance professorships while Maria De Filippi would court Chiara Ferragni for having her as a mentor in the program.

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