Amici 22, Previews: Maria infuriata, Celentano ousted, Appearances    Velvet Mag

Amici 22, Previews: Maria infuriata, Celentano ousted, Appearances Velvet Mag

The taping of the 17th episode of the afternoon of Amici 22 took place on Thursday 19 January: Here’s what happened. Attention is paid to the New Year’s Gate that overwhelmed six students in the program, but also to the upcoming challenge of Samu, a dancer in Emanuel Lo’s team: here are all the previews.

The latest episodes of friends 22 They were marked by multiple curling shots. When registering after theelimination of the cliquewho then entered the school again – first case in over twenty years of history of the program – you are students They ended in an instant challenge. It all depends on very serious facts that have never been fully elucidated and committed by them wax, madeleine, samu, NDG, Tommy Dalí and Valeria. On social media, the most accepted hypothesis, also confirmed by Giuseppe Candela di Dagospia, sees that young people have been consuming too much nutmegwith the aim of “Get high” on New Year’s Eve.

Maria De Filippi to Alessandra Celentano in the 16th episode of Amici 22 (Screenshot Mediaset Infinity) - VelvetMagMaria De Filippi to Alessandra Celentano in the 16th episode of Amici 22 (Screenshot Mediaset Infinity) – VelvetMag

At the behest of Rudy Zerbi, Tommy Dali didn’t take the challenge and left school for good. Valeria, on the other hand, lost to Cricca and she too had to leave her bench. NDG, Maddalena and Wax managed to reclaim their place Samu is still pending. In the episode that aired on Sunday, December 22nd and took place yesterday, the fate of the young dancer will be clarified. Here’s also what will happen as reported by friends messages and SuperGuideTV.

Amici 22, Previews: New evening dresses, guests, Alessandra Celentano’s decision

The new episode of Amici 22 continues from the challenge of Samu vs Pakyfrozen by the judge the previous week Bernabini. The latter asked to take part in a comparison between the two dancers in the same choreography, postponing the challenge of having the two prepare for the same piece. However, according to Amici News Alessandra Celentano will oust the studio. In fact, the teacher will decide Give the challenger the bench, Pakythis will cancel the challenge. But what will happen to Samu then? The fate of Emanuel Lo’s young dancer is still in the balance: the boy will have to face a new challenger in the following week.

Secret Samu in Amici 22 Episode 16 (Screenshot Mediaset Infinity) - VelvetMagSecret Samu in Amici 22 Episode 16 (Screenshot Mediaset Infinity) – VelvetMag

Particularly difficult moment for Samu Segreto, who also has to deal with a new outbreak Maria DeFilippi. When in the last episode the “lady of the house” Wax scoldedon this occasion he took it out on the dancer, who took off his shirt, unlike what was done in rehearsals, contrary to what had previously been established.

The singing and dancing competitions continue: winners, guests and new jerseys of the evening

After the challenge of studying friends 22 will return to host the singing and dancing competitions among the students. Early judging was announced Gerry Scottiwhile the dancers were judged by a commission formed by the Riccardo Cocchi, Virna Toppi and Francesco Mariottini. As in some episodes, the student who achieves first place in the competition in both dance and song has the opportunity to appear before his own judge to receive the award Gold jersey of the evening. The ranking of singers compiled by Gerry Scotti is therefore as follows:

  • Aaron
  • angelina
  • clique
  • Federica
  • jore
  • NDG
  • Wax and Niveo bonded for heat
  • small G

Aaron therefore introduced himself Rudy Zerbiown referee. For his part, the coach has not allowed him the coveted access to the evening program for the time being because he wants to recover further after the down moment. The dancers are different:

  • Isobel
  • Mathias
  • Samuel
  • madeleine
  • samu
  • Eleonora danced a pas de deux with Umberto
  • Megan
  • vanessa

Gianmarco was not in the studio but the reason was not explained. In the meantime IsobelOnce again, she took first place. So compared to last week, Alessandra Celentano seems to have changed her mind. After performing to the tune of Sia’s Unstoppable, Adele’s Cat on the Roof and Hello, got the coveted shirt of the evening.

Another competition was then held between some of the dancers involved including Isobel, Ramon, Megan and samu. to win, at the behest of Garrison, it was the latter, although his destiny at school still lies in the “maybe”. The young man who danced to the tune of Unholy got the chance performs at the Achille Lauro concert. New competition also for singers. Angelina, Aaron, Federica and Cricca competed for the opportunity to have a video clip for one of their unreleased works. Clicca won the challengedeclared the winner by judge Giacomo Triglia.

New quarrels: Todaro cornered with Mattia and Alessandra Celentano

When re-registering friends 22 there was no lack of them either dispute. One of them, already anticipated on the day, saw the students as protagonists Mathias Zenzola and his teacher Raymond Todaro. The latter was hurt by the dancer turning to the teacher Celentano and asking her for help without first consulting his reference trainer. It all started after the boy took a job that required him to dance barefoot and also risked getting injured (given the injury that caused him to resign in the previous edition).

Finally, The task was not executed. Zerbi took the opportunity to attack Raimondo, who he thinks got mad because the young man was asking Celentano for advice and not him. When I finished, I was announced Winners of the sponsorship tests. Angelina won the Oreo test; try Marlù to Aaron instead, while TIM tries Mattia as usual.