Amici 22 Lorella Cuccarinis reaction after eliminating Cricca

Amici 22, Lorella Cuccarini’s reaction after eliminating Cricca

Yesterday afternoon the first episode of this 2023 of Amici, the talent show of Maria DeFilippi. An episode that shocked most viewers, but especially the jury Lorella Cucarini. There were actually two unexpected eliminations: that of Ritaat the behest Alexandra Celentano who then assigned the first shirt of the evening ramonand that of clique challenged by Rudy Zerbi.

After losing the game against jore, There was a public reaction, which began arguing on social media even against his teacher, who many believed was guilty of failing to protect the student.

at the end of the episode, Lorella Cucarini commented on the departure of the young singer through a post on Instagram:

I won’t deny that tonight’s episode was really difficult for me. I am very sorry Clique.
Considering the choice rudy, i don’t share it
However, I am convinced that the path of clique it has just started and may it have many beautiful satisfactions outside.
I’ll be there, even outside of school, like I’ve always been with all my boys.
Time will tell the answers.

After losing the challenge that got him out of school, the singer admitted he already felt projected onto the evening.

His words, reported by

I can not believe it. No, I absolutely did not think that something like this would happen. TO Rudi I wasn’t fine from the start. He said I wasn’t real, I had a mask, all nonsense. Then I came out last with the unreleased one and it did badly, ok. A few things happened that went wrong, and that can happen. But I really wasn’t expecting to go out. I can say it was beautiful.

The first thought of clique On social media, it was for his companions:

Thank you from the bottom of my heart, I love you