Amici 22, Alessandra Celentano humiliates Vanessa

Amici 22, Alessandra Celentano humiliates Vanessa

Amici 22 Alessandra Celentano humiliates Vanessa

The ballet teacher Alexandra Celentano has a reputation as “Cerberus”: historical teacher of Friends of Maria De Filippi, also in this edition of the talent show Canale 5, the very demanding niece of Molleggiato Adriano did not fail to disturb the souls of the more sensitive competitors. Among them the hip-hop dancer vanessa. Although trained by Emmanuel Lo, the girl had to bow to the judgment of the teacher, who was feared for her openness. Fortunately, the discussion was by letter and not face-to-face. Perhaps that way the blow was at least partially cushioned.

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It’s all in a letter that Celentano sent to her colleague Lo for her student to read. After telling her that she would not let her in the school, the teacher addressed the merits of the criticism, arguing that Vanessa was not prepared for it, either in her dance style or in others. “You look too manly when you dance and I don’t like that aspect at all, besides I lose interest – writes Celentano brutally –. One is bite, power and dynamics, one is the sum lack of femininity when you dance”.

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The letter is a precursor to Celentano’s new challenge: a choreography of modern dance (trusted with Elena D’Amario for the video demonstration) highly technical and extremely demanding. However, despite the teacher’s words, Vanessa didn’t give up and correctly responded: “I want you to see that I don’t just do hip hop, so I want to try.” Challenge accepted.