Amici 21, Albe: “I didn’t expect this success, but…"

Amici 21, Albe: “I didn’t expect this success, but…"

Celebrate quietly as the months go by None has managed to conquer more and more the audience of Amici, obtaining excellent results with his unpublished works. In the evening, the singer from Brescia also broke the hearts of the judges, who gave him access to the final of the talent show hosted by Maria De Filippi.

Fresh from a romantic vacation in Paris with his girlfriend Serena Carella – known in the program – None is ready to tour Italy with its stores to promote the EP album, which will be released on Friday 17th June.

During a live broadcast with Casa Chi, None He said he was excited at the thought of meeting fans for the first time and spoke about his relationship to success:

I’m looking forward to the release of the EP, but maybe more to the stores because the parts that are in it all came out en route to Amici. I wasn’t expecting all of this success, but at a certain point I realized I could deserve it as I freed up a bit in realizing what I liked about myself. It wasn’t until later, when I got out, that I really realized what was going on.

The former Amici 21 student then spoke about his parents’ reaction and how their thinking changed after the experience on the talent show:

It’s strange for parents to think that their child could work with music, especially when they come from a small, narrow-minded village. Of course I think I haven’t arrived yet, but yes, when I told my father that I wanted to go to Amici, he sent me to this country a little bit, but not because he didn’t want it, but because maybe he did didn’t want to believe it either. Now my mom has made two or three of my full size hardcovers, so when they’re not there, they’re there. While my father has become a living algorithm: he knows all the plays of my songs and how much they increase.

None He also shared how he is living the relationship with Serena and how they will manage the distance when the dancer goes to New York:

I fell in love if you want to know the truth now it’s down serena. He is here in my house with my mother. Now he’s going to New York, we haven’t organized that yet, but we’re going to do it like all long-distance couples do. However, I did the math: Cerignola is 7 hours from where I live by train, New York is 6.5 hours from where I live, so that’s the time.

Finally, the singer also talked about how he writes his pieces and what are his main sources of inspiration:

In recent years, thanks to my father, I have always listened to international artists and some Italian artists. I discovered the Italian singer-songwriter at Amici. My genre is eclectic, I’m mostly inspired by my American ideals and mostly by Justin Bieber, who has been my idol since I was a child. So the sounds are sometimes those, in millevoci, karma, in front of you there are sounds that remind you. I am also inspired by him when it comes to staging. With the Italians, however, I tried to imitate it Irama and Jovanotti to understand how they were on time to understand and then do my own thing.