Americas Got Talent All Stars Jeanick Fournier shines but

America’s Got Talent: All Stars | Jeanick Fournier shines but doesn’t triumph

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Jeanick Fournier from Quebec, winner of the most recent edition of Canada’s Got Talent, attended America’s Got Talent: All-Stars on Monday, where she performed the song I’ll Never Love Again. The singer wowed the audience and the jury during her performance, but was eliminated in the first round.

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In a shimmering green dress, Jeanick Fournier took the stage to interpret Lady Gaga’s piece from the film A Star Is Born. The singer guest-starred on the show, which features former contestants from around the world, most of whom are hugely popular with audiences. The spectators also determined the winners of the first evening, who will thus continue in the competition.

Jeanick Fournier, who said she was ready for “the best gig of her life,” stunned the jury of Simon Cowell, Howie Mandel and Heidi Klum. The latter have also noted that this number was even stronger than that of last year’s transition to the Canadian version of the show.

The number, short but full of intensity, earned him a standing ovation from the audience and the jury. Behind his microphone, Jeanick Fournier pushed high notes without ever losing control of his voice. Heidi Klum, as the Quebecer sang, appeared wide-eyed, visibly amazed.

‚ÄúSome people have a gift and are made to be on stage. You’re one of them,” the former model told her when the judges were able to comment on the performance. She also tweeted during the show’s airing to highlight her number, “A star is (re)born… Wow,” she wrote in reference to the film.

“Jeanick Fournier makes me proud to be from Canada,” Howie Mandel wrote on Twitter that evening.

“My life has completely changed”

In the presentation video released just before the performance, Jeanick Fournier returned to the year that has passed since his appearance on the show. “My life has completely changed,” said the one who also works as a palliative care nurse in Saguenay. She signed a record deal with Universal Music Canada, released an album and music videos. She said she now has an everyday life that she could never have imagined. We also spotted her at her Quebec apartment with her children, who greeted in French the American audience watching the show.

When Jeanick Fournier didn’t go any further during this special edition of America’s Got Talent, Howie Mandel and Simon Cowell underscored his boldness. “I have so much respect for someone who’s already won and coming back because she has even higher ambitions,” Simon Cowell told her after her number.

Mandel added it would have been wise to stay in Canada and not take any chances. “If you don’t play, you don’t risk losing,” he remarked admiringly, before emphasizing again that she was really brave to start it.