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‘American Idol’ finale recap: Season 20 winner announced

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After months of competition, it all came down to this. The Top 3 — Leah Marlene, Noah Thompsonand huntress – enter the American Idol stage during the May 22nd finals in hopes of winning the American vote. At the end of the episode, one of the new DSDS winners.

American Idol finale

The grand finale kicks off with an epic performance from the top 10 Flo Rida. The Top 10 sing Flo Rida’s “Good Feeling” on the roof of the Hollywood Roosevelt Hotel in Los Angeles.

american idolThe judges with host Ryan Seacrest on “American Idol”. (ABC)

Leah Marlene is the first finalist to perform. She rocks through to “Cover Me”. Bruce Springsteen. Lionel Richie raves that Leah’s “stage presence is absolutely there.” Katy Perry says Leah that she is the “whole package” and Leah has already won in her eyes.

huntress next takes the stage to perform “Dancing in the Dark.” Katy tells HunterGirl, “I don’t think you’re a star, I think you’re a supernova.” Luke Bryan says he took a trip to Tennessee over the weekend and everyone he met cheered for HunterGirl. Lionel praises HunterGirl and says she has quite a career ahead of her.

Noah Thompson takes on Bruce’s “I’m On Fire” and makes you swoon. When the performance is over, the crowd goes wild. Katy tells Noah he “flew in and grabbed every heart in America” ​​with his performance. “You really made it your own,” she says.

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Before the finals, the top 3 went to their hometown for a Hero’s Welcome. Leah goes home to Normal, Illinois. She returns to the idol stage to sing her original song “Flowers”. Katy wipes away her tears after Leah’s performance. “The song is just great,” Luke enthuses.

Noah ThompsonNoah Thompson on American Idol. (ABC)

Noah returns home to Louisa, Kentucky, where he meets his precious little boy, Walker. He appears next to it Cameron Marlowe at home in Kentucky. During the finale, Noah sings his new chart-topping single, “One Day Tonight.” Luke is stunned by how Noah and the other finalists blossomed before his eyes.

HunterGirl heads back to Winchester, Tennessee and has an emotional reunion with the veterans she works with. In the final she sings her emotional single “Red Bird”. Luke admits the performance touched him because he named his ranch Red Bird. “May you prosper for as long as possible,” Lionel tells HunterGirl.

Leah Marlene is eliminated

Leah MarleneLeah Marlene came in third. (ABC)

After performances by Jay Copeland and Mike Parker With earth, wind and Deana Carter, the first results of the night will be announced. The first candidate to make the top 2 is Noah. It’s up to Leah and HunterGirl. HunterGirl will face off against Noah in hopes of winning American Idol.

Lady K returns to American Idol to sing along Ben Platt. American Idol Graduates Gaby Barrett and Cade Föhner perform their new song “Pick Me Up”. Emyrson Flora later, Gabby joins in a sweet performance of “The Good Ones.”

After her rendition of “She Used To Be Mine” went viral, Nicolina gets the opportunity to sing along Sarah Bareilles during the final. Fritz Hager also performs with one of his idols: James Arthur. Christian Guardin sings “Smile” with his personal idol Michael Bubble.

huntressHunterGirl during the top 3 performances of “American Idol”. (ABC)

The top 3 perform with legends like Melissa Etheridge, Katy and Luke. Katy and Leah’s rendition of “Firework” is particularly great. Noah returns to the stage solo to sing Rihanna’s “Stay” for the second time this season. “It is,” Lionel tells him. HunterGirl sings through “Riot”. Rascal Flattsthe audition song that earned her her first platinum ticket.

American Idol Season 20 Winner Announced

Noah and HunterGirl stand side by side while waiting for the results. host Ryan Seacrest has the results in hand to announce the big news. American Idol Season 20 winner after nearly 16 million votes cast is… Noah Thompson!