AMD graphics card performance increases by up to 55% after an update

AMD graphics card performance increases by up to 55% after an update

While AMD graphics cards have never really excelled in some benchmarks, they will soon get a huge performance boost in the upcoming Windows 11 22H2 update.

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After seeing performance gains of up to 30% in games using the DirectX 11 API over the last month, AMD’s graphics cards will soon receive a significant increase in graphics performance in OpenGL thanks to the next drivers on Windows 11 22h2.

In fact, with the next 22H2 update of Windows 11, also called Sun Valley, AMD plans to catch up with Nvidia in OpenGL. It is about one Render by Rasterization API, a rendering method that converts 3D primitives into pixels. For a long time, Nvidia was ahead with its RTX cards, but that could change soon.

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AMD graphics cards get a performance boost in Windows 11

With the new Windows 22H2 update, Microsoft Insiders will already offer an AMD pre-release UWP driver 31.0.12000.20010 and the driver package also includes the 22.05 OpenGL beta driver. This last Massively boosts the performance of AMD GPUs in OpenGL applications.

According to members of the Guru3D forum, graphics cards from the red manufacturer would benefit from this Performance nearly 55% above the Unigine Valley 2013 benchmark. Testers also saw 33% better performance on the Unigine Overlay benchmark with the latest OpenGL 22.05 driver.

However, not everything seems to be very optimized yet New driver causes performance drop in Heaven benchmark. As a result, some testers may see poorer performance in some OpenGL titles with the new Radeon GPU drivers, but AMD is expected to optimize its final drivers until the official release of the Windows 11 update. As a reminder, Microsoft had started rolling out the new build on the Insider channel, but it’s not expected to be available to all users until fall 2022.

Source: Guru3D