Amber Heard Says She Still Loves Ex Johnny Depp: ‘Hard to Understand’

Amber Heard Says She Still Loves Ex Johnny Depp: ‘Hard to Understand’

Two weeks after being asked to compensate Johnny Depp for defamation, Amber Heard has said she still loves her expartner.

In an exclusive interview with Today, the actress was questioned by Savannah Guthrie about a statement made on the first day of the trial. In part of the statement, Heard said, “I still love Johnny.”

The journalist asked if she still had feelings for her exhusband, and the Aquaman actress didn’t hesitate:

Absolutely. I love him. I loved him with all my heart. I tried my best to make a deeply broken relationship work. And I couldn’t. I hold no grudges or grudges against him.

Heard explained his statement: “I know it can be difficult to understand, or it can be very easy to understand. If you’ve ever loved someone, it just has to be.”

The trial in Johnny Depp’s lawsuit against Amber Heard ended on June 1. After nearly two months in the Fairfax County, Virginia courthouse, the jury’s decision was unanimous and in favor of Depp. Hearing him called a “sexual abuser” was considered slander.

This would require Heard Depp to initially invest $10 million (approx.

However, the $5 million in “punitive damages” Amber would pay was reduced to $350,000 under Virginia law, where the decision was announced the state has a punitive limit in this category of cases . Therefore, Amber Head will pay Johnny Depp $8.35 million (R$40.2 million) at the end of the process, already factoring in the $2 million rebate he would receive from the actor.