Amanda Seyfried Recalls Discomfort On Set: ‘No Panties’

Amanda Seyfried Recalls Discomfort On Set: ‘No Panties’

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09/08/2022 17:15 Updated 09/08/2022 20:34

Actress Amanda Seyfried, 36, recalled the discomfort on a movie set early in her career and vented.

In an interview with Porter, she, who started working in television in 1999, said she feels “fairly unscathed” compared to peers who have been victims of abuse behind the scenes of films and series.

Still, Amanda has felt vulnerable at some points in her career. “Being 19 and walking around with no underwear are you kidding me? How did I allow this? Oh, I know why: I was 19; I didn’t want to upset anyone and I wanted to keep my job. That’s why,” she recalls.

Amanda Seyfried recently explained that living with the character Karen Smith’s fame isn’t easy. In an interview with Marie Clare, the artist reported that it’s common for men to wonder if “it was going to rain.” It is worth remembering that in the feature film Karen made the weather forecast with her breasts.