Amanda Sandrelli talks about it for the first time: "I ended up in therapy"He is linked to his father Gino Paoli    All the news

Amanda Sandrelli talks about it for the first time: "I ended up in therapy"He is linked to his father Gino Paoli All the news

Amanda Sandrelli, daughter of Stefania Sandrelli and Gino Paoli, speaks for the first time about entering therapy and how her father deals with it. Here are his words.

The famous actress Stefania Sandrelli and the interpreter of “Heaven in a Room” Gino Paoli fell in love and from this union a daughter was born: Amanda Sandrelli. The Italian actress and director is the perfect mix of mom and dad when you watch her: the colors and features fit right between those of Stefania and Gino. However, they were never a perfect family portrait, despite what one might think when admiring a family of two artists and a daughter following in the same footsteps. Amanda and her mother, who gave her her first last name, had a relationship full of ups and downs.

Born straight from an extramarital relationship, she lived in an extended and complex context. This caused discomfort in the child, then a woman who had to deal with this situation, had to grow up and get used to the fact that her family was never an ordinary family, but, along with all the complications of the matter, was under constant observation starlight and gossip . Her recent revelations reveal a much more bitter and difficult truth for her.

The Amanda Sandrelli Revelations

Amanda Sandrelli is the result of an extramarital affair between her mother, Stefania Sandrelli, and her father, Gino Paoli. In a recent interview, the woman revealed that she experienced this “special” aspect of her life in a rather complicated way when she discovered her father’s identity at the age of 25. In fact, he revealed that he never saw his parents together in the same house because of this. This is the reason for her surname, which is that of the actress and not that of the Ligurian poet

In fact, the singer continued his marriage to Anna Fabbri even after her birth as she was pregnant with her brother Giovanni. By now Stefania was pregnant too: a nice mess for Amanda’s peace of mind. The director did not hide the fact that she had undergone years of therapy to recover and accept these dynamics that were so influential in her existence. The therapeutic path that she had faced for ten years was fundamental for her and allowed her to solve many problems related to her past and the cold and complex relationship with her parents.

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