Amanda Dudamel surprises by presenting the man who has won her heart: Daniel Roa is Miss Venezuela’s handsome boyfriend since they were teenagers

Amanda Dudamel surprises by presenting the man who has won her heart: Daniel Roa is Miss Venezuela’s handsome boyfriend since they were teenagers

Amanda Dudamel conquered millions of people with her participation in the Miss Universe 2022a contest that left a controversial result with the election of American R’Bonney Gabriel.

Although she didn’t win the crown, the charismatic candidate not only won the affection of the public, who cheered her from the Ernest N. Morial Convention Center in New Orleans, but also millions of people around the world who knew her natural personality.

The daughter of the former technical director of Vinotinto, Rafael Dudamel, fills her Instagram followers with emotion, a platform on which she has already amassed 1 million followers since the end of the international competition.

Miss Venezuela, Amanda Dudamel, introduces her boyfriend on social networks

Amanda Dudamel continues to enjoy the successes she has achieved on Miss Universe and in every release she thanks each of the people who have supported her in making her biggest dream come true.

Along the way, the 23-year-old Venezuelan dedicated some emotional words to the man who won her heart. And in this way she wanted to introduce her boyfriend who was from New Orleans by her side and gave her all his love and good vibes that she received at the pageant.

“Through ups and downs, calm and storm, calm and noise! No matter what, you were always there! More than a couple, we are a great team. Thank you for giving your all to take these big steps together and face whatever challenges life throws at us. I love you to the universe and back!” Dudamel wrote.

Inspired by the love she feels for her partner, she reflected on the complicity they both share in their relationship, emphasizing that it’s the love of her life through thick and thin.

That man is Daniel Roa, a 26-year-old who became Amanda’s teenage crush, whom he met when he was only 13 years old.

With great enthusiasm, the Venezuelan shared how he supported Miss Venezuela during her time at Miss Universe in an interview with a Colombian influencer, who highlighted the beautiful relationship the couple has had for more than 7 years.

“Seeing her fulfill her dream with confidence and alongside the people she love fills me with happiness. Accompanying her in her dream is the most important thing for me,” she said proudly and with a satisfied face about her boyfriend’s performance at the renowned beauty event.

Amanda Dudamel surprises by presenting the man who has won

She shared the story of her courtship and referenced how it all began when she was 13 and 15 years old. “We studied at the same school, I gave him tennis lessons and on the first day I fell in love,” he said with a sincere smile that reflected memories full of nostalgia and emotion.

The interview was conducted before Election Day, so Daniel was asked what would happen if he were elected Miss Universe 2022.

“Keep her going, it’s another year in which she will make herself known and show her worth. I always told him that the crown is the first step, he came to show what he has to offer,” he said with evident admiration, speaking of the woman he loves.

Not afraid to mention it and full of good humor, Daniel dared to talk about marriage and thought about the future of building a house next to Amanda Dudamel with whom he had even talked about the children they wanted to have, 3 to 4 offspring.

Netizens’ comments have not been indifferent to how attractive the 26-year-old looks, who also boasts charisma and a command of public speaking, which undoubtedly speaks to the team they have formed since they were young.

Completely in love, Amanda thanked her boyfriend for his unconditional support with every step she took during the pageant. “Thanks to my life partner, Daniel Roa Farias, you are my greatest inspiration, my best complement. Loving You!”.

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