Amadeus, what a coup: the symbol of Italian sport will be in Sanremo 2023    ​​​​​​Tennis Press

Amadeus, what a coup: the symbol of Italian sport will be in Sanremo 2023 ​​​​​​Tennis Press

The Conductor and Artistic Director of Sanremo 2023 Amadeus made the announcement: a big hit for the evenings of the Song Festival, with a very exceptional guest for sport.

There are only a few weeks left until the start of the most important and most attended television event on the Italian scene. Namely the Sanremo Music Festival 2023which will be held on Rai Uno from February 7th to 11th.

amadeus sanremoAmadeus in Sanremo –

A fair that is obviously connected to the world of music local, complete with a very popular race and guests of various nationalities. But in recent years it has also often been associated with the world of Sports.

Impossible not to remember how amadeusconductor and artistic director of Sanremo for the fourth consecutive year, has invited athletes of all kinds to the Ariston stage in recent years Cristiano Ronaldo to Zlatan Ibrahimovicby Federica Pellegrini and Alberto Tomba.

Amadeus announcement: Paola Egonu will be co-presenter of Sanremo on the third evening of the festival

A great Italian sportswoman, true pride for our national sport, will be present Sanremo 2023. He just announced it amadeus in the final hours as the conductor gradually reveals the presence of the special guests and co-hosts.

On the third evening of the festival, i.e. on Thursday February 9thSara Paula Egonu to accompany Amadeus himself and the singers of the competition on stage. It’s about the note volleyball player Italian, star of the women’s national team and currently with the Turkish team Vakıf Bank.

Paola EgonuPaola Egonu –

there Egonu She is a Venetian spiker, but with clearly of African origin. In fact, the woman was born in 1998 in Cittadella, in the province of Padua, to a Nigerian family. Thanks to her joining Club Italia, she managed from a young age to establish herself as an absolute talent and in a few years became the full owner of the Blue national team.

As Italy’s leader, she has already won two gold medalsone at the 2021 European Championship and one in the 2022 Nations League, without forgetting second place at the 2018 World Cup, when Paola Egonu was only twenty but was already the star of the Azzurri.

1 meter and 90 tall, the Egonu plays in the opposite role and is considered one of the strongest volleyball players in Europe and worldwide. After the apparitions a hyenas On Mediaset he will now debut alongside Amadeus at the eagerly awaited Sanremo Festival.

Paola Egonu’s excitement after the call from Sanremo

So everything is official and safe. Co-moderator is Paola Egonu of the Festival of Sanremo 2023 for one evening, Thursday February 9th. A great commitment for the young volleyball player, who will certainly cut an excellent figure on stage with her relaxed manner and stately physique.

The same Egonu confirmed everything by posting a short video on Instagramin which she meets all her followers in Sanremo in February, where she will be “queen” for one night.

there Egonu but she won’t be alone. He will not only share the stage of the Ariston Theater with Amadeus, but also with another co-host from a completely different field. This is the film and television actress Clare Francini.