Amadeus, do you know what degree he has?  You’ll never guess!     All messages

Amadeus, do you know what degree he has? You’ll never guess! All messages

Do you know the degree of Amadeus? Here is the story of the study of the most popular conductor of the Sanremo Festival.

Some would be delighted with the great return of Pippo Baudo, while others believe that Amadeus is the best key to make the festival interesting not only for those who gave birth to this competition some 70 years ago, but also for the new generations . Amadeus was a breath of fresh air, especially when we consider that he was adept at running a festival when audiences were virtually absent. During the health emergency, the Italian music festival didn’t stop, but the Ariston was empty. Amadeus has cleverly managed to continue a great show that has proved a huge success with the return of the audience this year and although it has been over for months now, Sanremo fans are looking forward to the next edition.

Do you know the Amadeus degree? The story is really hilarious

Amadeus has been at the forefront of many programmes, but the conductor has never been more appreciated by anyone than at the Sanremo Festival. Now he has already announced some goodies for the next edition, in which he has already been confirmed as the helmsman. The first announcement Rai released live was that of co-directing with influencer Chiara Ferragni, followed by the one in which she announced that we would also see Gianni Morandi alongside her. Amadeus has come a long way since he helmed Legacy and Chain Reaction and many can’t wait to see him back on TV.

Also popular because of his personal life, which fascinates his fans. After his previous marriage, he fell in love with Professor Giovanna Civitillo. We saw their love blossom during Inheritance’s split and they have never left each other since. Together they also had a son Josè and have a common social profile in which they always show themselves together. Amadeus always knew he wanted to be a conductor. In an interview with Corriere della Sera, he said he didn’t drop out of school just because he wanted to make his parents proud.

The ninth conductor’s parents may have had the opportunity to see that Amadeus was such a conducting prodigy and encouraged the little 18-year-old boy to at least get his diploma. Amadeus received his degree as a surveyor, but he knew very well that his path would be different.

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