Am I flying?

Am I flying?

Let’s call it the housefly. You know, the usual, the usual with her two short wings, her big, round, ugly head. The same that is not easy to tame. Did you know that flies are everywhere on earth?

On average, the male lives 17 days, the female 15 days. It repels me and yet fascinates me. Admit she’s still gifted. She walks, she flies, she annoys you, and if you are not skilled and alert to the fly swatter, she will manage to sneak away and save herself.

Note the size of his head. Is there an intelligence in this bubble… or better? Looks like it has a motion sensor. If you try to catch it, it will always go the right way. She feels the heat, the cold, the light. She fights or hides from the wind. It picks up smells, sounds.

Scientists will say that she has no feelings, but sometimes she is afraid and otherwise she is brave.


Have you ever seen it up close? It’s terrible, really not aesthetic, the bow tie. She can play in the stench as well as appear in a politician’s forehead, as happened to Fran├žois Hollande on full television in France in 2015. This fly has gone around the world.

But the fly flies and flies, and though the wings beat 100 miles an hour, it never gets out of breath. Have you ever imagined the size and composition of the system in this bug that never gets the flu? Have you ever seen a fly sneeze? As far as we know, the fly doesn’t need glasses and will never have indigestion. She will have the reflex to hide under a leaf when it rains and you will never see her outside in winter. It will be warm or south. No virus seems to reach her and she never goes to war. Maybe brainless, but anything but crazy.


  • The fall of the French continues everywhere.
  • Notice to workers on the streets of Montreal. “Slow” signs are not aimed at you.
  • From the air, by plane, Montreal is easy to spot, it’s full of orange dots.
  • I pumped milk but it was only 2%.
  • It is necessary that the application of syringe vaccines be done as soon as possible.
  • He got a ticket for his Sea-doo for texting water.
  • How does it feel to have white teeth when you have a dirty tongue?
  • Eugenie Bouchard’s problem is setback. She has too many.
  • And say hello to Josephine Cochrane, who invented the dishwasher in Illinois in 1886. we love you at home


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