Alligator bites off a man’s head and he miraculously survives: how did he escape the brutal attack?

Alligator bites off a man’s head and he miraculously survives: how did he escape the brutal attack?

A man was attacked by an alligator in a lake in Florida United States of America, last August 3, while filming a commercial. Despite the violent blow of wild animalThanks to the quick reaction, the victim managed to get out of this life-or-death situation.

Is about Juan Carlos La Verde, who was seriously injured and is recovering in hospital. The firefighter and paramedic suffered a slight deformity in the skull and a perforation in part of the chest.

The survivor was a US Air Force paratrooper. Normally he is used to extreme situations, but he never imagined that he would experience something like this terrible accident.

“The thing was huge. It wasn’t a small alligator, it would have been fun if it was a small one,” LaVerde said.

This is how he escaped the alligator’s bite

The man shared how he escaped the alligator attack in a post by his friend Bill Berryshared on his Facebook page, according to the newspaper El Nuevo Herald.

“Okay, well, what I thought, or rather what I felt, was I immediately tried to open its jaws because I knew it was a lizard,” LaVerde said.

“I felt like the teeth were piercing my skull,” he explained in the post. “There was a loud noise and then instinct took over,” he added.

“I brought my hands to his mouth and I remember feeling his scales and also his teeth,” he said. “I was surprised that the teeth weren’t as sharp, not like sharks, more like ours, but more pointed,” he said.

As the two were face down in the water, the alligator released him and he quickly swam to a nearby dock. After climbing onto the platform, he saw that he was bleeding, followed by severe shooting pains.

Thanks to the fact that a person passed by the site, he alerted the paramedics, and the victim was taken to the hospital, where he underwent a six-hour emergency surgical procedure. He later had to have another operation.

“It was unbearable, like a migraine radiating from the back of my eye and my jaw,” he said. “I realized that the sound I heard earlier broke my jaw,” he explained.

To lessen the seriousness of the tragic and painful experience, his wife gave him an alligator balloon to make him smile.

Alligator attacks are rare in Florida, although two deaths have been reported in the state this year, according to USA Today. In South Carolina, two people also died from attacks by these specimens.

In 2021, nine people were bitten by the species in Florida, seven severely but not fatally, according to the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission.